Forging quality life improvement suggestion

Hey wd community and pg :wink:

This idea came up to me this morning when I went to check up the forge about the lightning resists I craft there and I saw was empty,it upsets me to know forge had wasted time not producing stuff , then I remembered a game I use to play had this button ; REPEAT in their traders that traded in game resources with other players . This is not one of those requests to Santa for rainbow evolutions stone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . What would go well for our game would be implementing the Repeat button idea :

  • Repeat button clickable when forging same item on all slots or crafting same piece and element of gear .

  • Repeat button is not clickable when different items being forged or different pieces of gear being crafted

  • Repeat button makes u claim when u forge / craft same item and auto-puts slots to produce more of same item

  • I covered the ‘’ finish now with rubies’’ button which can be moved somewhere in the screen , but it can still be around

This is not something to produce extra items when you’re not in game , it is something that improves claiming/filling the slots for next items . Instead of going manually the button does it for you

Example :

I feel like this might help a lot , seems something small but makes a difference

I invite @PGGalileo and all of GPF members to consider this , and I would appreciate some feedback here .

Best Regards , Eff


@OrcaFrost @Morreion I would like to hear what you guys think about it . :slight_smile:

Good idea IMO :slightly_smiling_face:
Especially for time based item forging.

I’m not sure if this will get much traction at pg, because mobile games generally favour mechanics that make you engage with the game more frequently for small tasks like requeueing items.

But it would be a practical thing to have for players, especially ones crafting small items. Personally I never even unlocked the last two slots since I haven’t crafted anything but timers since blue tier or something, queueing those is not a lot of work.


u would still engage to manually claim it

I know my opinion doesn’t matter but I agree with @Morreion@BIackfyre87 maybe you can chime in :kissing_heart:

As I understood the idea you could just leave it to forge for a week and then log in to claim your 80 spells or whatever was queued on repeat, no? Or did I misunderstand what the repeat would do?

Edit: ah read it properly now, so you only have it refill when you claim items. That would indeed have no real downside I think. Also quite a small improvement in effort spared but an improvement for sure.

I would not do it for gear though, as it will always queue more than you want which is a bit of a trap for unwary players with low resources. For the regular forge I see no downside.

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no you got it wrong . the spells dont autoclaim , u manually claim and it fills the spot . if u log in after a week u will have to claim only the nr of items ypur slots are , in my case 4 items for 4 slots.

the repeat button would just put items to produce when u forget to put them manually


I think it should also include an autoclaim option too. Like fill the slots with timers or anything, enable autoclaim and repeat, so what would happen is the last item to be forged will get repeated and the finished items would get automatically added to inventory.
PS: I’m not screaming, little keyboard error sorry.


Why @Eff ? What’s the issue with it?

what you are saying is not what I meant my idea to be

No no that’s what I am trying to say what my idea is.

I was conveying my idea there

This is a good idea overall but I wouldn’t do it for gear, not only for people who have limited resources like Morreion said but also because two elite gears can sometimes come out of a batch of 3 or 4 crafts, which would be very regrettable if you don’t need two sets of the same element at that time.

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I tried to give a general idea of how it would work , gear is something that still is up to the player to switch it on/off however I am more for the forge too tbh

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