Forging time of 12 hrs speedups

30 hrs spend to forge 12 hrs speedups , that’s 2 long. Can u plz reduce the tym ( that will help a lot ) ?


Yes please @PGJared @PGEggToken

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I think its fair in a sense u dont have to check in everytime to put it in forge , unlike 1h and 3h. Its balanced in its nature .

I think all of the times to forge speedups need to be looked at and adjusted down. While you’re at it add a 1 day timer to forge.

  • Freeze 3h is too short tbh
  • Self Destruct 8h way to long
  • Lockdown 3h yay!!
  • Intimidating Roar 8h way to long
  • Thunderstorm (red) 8h too long
  • 12h timer - a bit too long imo
  • Fireball 8h too long
  • Healing Potion 5h maybe too long
  • Defence Hammer 5h too long
  • Death Gaze 10h :flushed: reduce to 5 or 6

For explanations ask
Too many of these spells are low-tier and useless at higher tiers. We really need to update the forge. Resists included.

I will never understand why some people just need to complain about a good thing


Death gaze is 10 hours?

Yup its terribly long

FYI on forge times (ignore the rest, salvage shop no longer exists)

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Those resist times :rofl: who came up with these things

8 hours for ballista resist? :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


8 hours to come to your fucking senses I’d bet.


Lol, I cancel that POS immediately if I accidentally select it :laughing:

There is no 12 hrs drops know ? Atleast make 24 hours as forging tym of 12 hrs speedups . Plz

God that shop sounds great, I’d love it if they brought that back. So many evasions and self destructs and other rubbish to get rid of, would love to turn them all into speedups and inners, or even just useful spells.

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You cannot purchase inner fires from the shop. No event items can be obtained, only turned to dust

Ah right, that makes sense, you can only buy things you can also forge. Still pretty good, turning evasions into death gazes or 12 hr speed ups.

It really wasn’t that great. It was OK. You could basically buy three random things selected by the game for ever increasing cost. The dust given for trading in a spell was pretty low as shown by the fabulous Mech above. Something is better than nothing though. Unfortunately cheaters gotta cheat and found a way to abuse the salvage shop, thus it’s gone.

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Yeah two things that i didn’t mention above with the shop are:

  • You could only have a selection of 3 completely random items a day to purchase
  • Each subsequent purchase increased its cost over the previous by 10%. So the first trade in was 33 (decent value), then once you got to the 5th it cost you 48 dust, by the 10th it cost you 78, and by 15 it was 125 per item.

So the ability to obtain items that you actually wanted and needed was very very difficult, and when an item came around you ended up either only getting a handful of items, or spending your entire dust collection for really expensive items so the return on the items was very very poor.

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