Forgot to spend those sigils; any similar stories?

Remembered a few hours too late, I still had 10k sigils to spend. Spend on Missions week 1, new tower during boost, and Tal towards the end, had 10k left and told myself I’d spend them before the season ended. Any similar stories?

Not the end of the world, goes to show my dying interest in this game. I was more upset over losing 14 rating over a mis-click in a chess puzzle earlier today.


Ah yeah, towards the end of the season you should make sure to spend before the event tab goes for good. Set an alarm or log on the weekend before.

Forgot to log on, had 1k sigils by the end of claiming prizes and realised Eclipse was over :slight_smile: Big brain over here.

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I have 4000+ sigils​:sob::sob::sob:


Off topic - what website do you use? or lichess?

Not to worry. The first 2 weeks of Celestial Rift there’s going to be a redemption branch for remaining Eclipse siggils.

No, it’s a redemption branch for keys.


This is one of those things I was mildly peeved about. They used to let you redeem until 3 AM US Eastern time.

Last season I checked on Tuesday at 8:51 PM. 9 min left until end of season, 6 hours 9 min left until end of exotic glyph. Both ended up being pulled being shortly after 9.

So on Monday I checked the countdown, which was until 12 AM US Eastern. After the game updated on Tuesday, it changed to 9 PM. The lines disappeared exactly at 9.

Imho, poor poor communication (or lack of, haha).

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Gal did say in the office hours topic that the season would end at 9pm ET but that wasnt communicated very well at all and they have never explained why they cut 6hrs out of the last two seasons. It makes no sense at all but then again this is PG


Atleast they fixed the timer :sweat_smile:


Technically, they changed the timer on Tuesday after the new season update. They should get it right the first time around.

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Yeah, though it would have been nice of they had sent out an email saying they changed it


I use

Nice, so do I.

cough heresy cough

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