Forgotten Password

I have been putting this off, because I don’t want to accidentally change something and mess up my account. However, I think it is time for me to just deal with this problem.

When I created my pocket ID for my account, I was not really paying much attention, and I never wrote down my password. Consequently, I have absolutely know idea at this point what my password even was.

At this point what would be the best way to either recover or change my password for my account, without risking loosing it in cyberspace?

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I don’t know if there’s a “forgot password?” button anywhere near the login/logout page. If not, what I would do is start up a help desk ticket, explain the problem, and ask them what they can do. Most likely they’ll have to send you an email to 1) verify it’s you and 2) change the password. But with all of the hype concerning account sharing, proving it’s you could be difficult.

Put in a ticket and answer questions that support asks to prove that it is actually you. Then they should either reset the password or tell you the password.

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