Formhar triple spot entrap

I cast but sometimes triple spot not seem to be worked . Can anyone tell me what r the triple spots for entrap plz and thanks .

I hope these help, they’re the most reliable spots. Some towers are trickier than others to triple entrap, at least from what I’ve found—three lightnings in the front are harder to triple than three turrets. Also make sure that you don’t cast too early. Wait until you’re fully facing the island, otherwise it won’t work right. :t_rex:


Those are actually DG and sand double spots. Entrap triples are basically the middle tower on almost every island.


Ah my bad. I knew they weren’t really the same but I thought I’d show em just in case lol. @NitharshanNN Entrap is easier to triple than Death Gaze and such so you may just be casting it too early :t_rex:

The spots in atlas are slightly different. Someone who’s flown Fom more can comment. I’m still working it out.

I got about the same areas as @hellraptor in my experience. I’m not so good at it either though

Front 3 of any island (including back of a long one)

Side 3 for short islands and the home Long Island (left and right)

Back 3 for seagazer and river watch islands

Back of middle Long Island - if the flak is the back, quadruple entrap is possible.

If there is a flak in the front of seagazer island, quadruple is possible.

On both short islands, you can triple shot the back two towers + the perch

I edited the image. These spots are also reliable

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Hey Cloak, any diff in atlas?

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Sand spots are really not good to use for entrap, bc you’ll miss out on the 3rd entrap.


On L3 long island

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I haven’t done any testing in atlas lol

Not really, noteable exceptions are the back of first long: the 3 rear most towers get entrapped in atlas.
And the back of middle Long, the back left 4 towers get entrapped, where the right 4 get entrapped in core if there’s a flak on the back right side

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Who puts a flak in the back corner?


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