Fort, a new beginning. Withermoon 1st week

Credit to @PoseidonPQ


new tower levels this soon is total BS.

I give up on this game.


Why are you surprised? They’ve been talking about it, released a new tier, and you thought they weren’t going to release more tower levels?


does that make it right?


Makes sense to have new tower levels when you have a new dragon tier. Heck, is even good that they are not far fom each other. But the problem with the dragon tier was the COST. We will see what is the tower cost… Will see if they apply the same principle as with the dragons and the towers costs are also astronomical.


Yeah, it does. Otherwise the new tier would be perpetually overpowered since no towers exist to combat them.

think less about the dragon vs tower issue, think more about game economy. How many towers can non-whales level in the two (i believe?) forts between this tower level increase and the last?

It’s not sustainable.


The last tower increase was too late (I think)


New tier is for 90s :laughing: but 85s still drop meg


Ronin will become obsolete with these new towers. So now mythics only last one season and they are done. Good job pg. Ugh


This is a shift in the right direction. Yeah, it’s so soon and they better fix the costs, but at least we are shifting towards a more balanced release cadence



I’m ready to see the tower costs. Assuming PG sticks with “Power and Prestige” theme, the fireworks are going to be spectacular!

This Kat is going to be ready for the festivities…

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Am I ready for 90s … no, but does lining up the towers to dragons like this make more sense, yes. Should be a longer delay for 95s hopefully.


do you really think anyone will be able to afford the timers? Under current and non-whale rates?

You know what would be interesting. What if flak towers were to still be capped at 85, but every other tower could move up to 90. Do you think this would make lighting, canons, archers, storms more liable?

Every dragon has some sort elemental resist, but none of the new ones have any of the old tower resists, wonder if something like this would change that

Did I say anywhere that I felt people could? In fact, I’m pretty sure I mentioned that costs aren’t balanced.

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I won’t open a thread, so I’ll post here. Then:
Actually my kill island is Dark Ice Fire Flaks (capped at 65) + both Mages. I would like to build another kill island behind the main 1.
I have 1 Storm lv62, 1 Ice Turret lv61, 1 Fire Turret lv60 ( and in storage a Cannon lv21).
Now, what i would like to know was, this setup can work nicely? ( i have Mythic Cannon Attack Rune and Mythic Cannon Striker Rune rdy for this setup )

i know, i know about the sentence “focus on main bla bla” but i like to build setup :slight_smile: so the question remains, can it work nicely? Thx

Not even

Wouldnt it make more sense for lvl 90 towers to be released with the abysmal mythics ? I feel like that gives a little more time to.enjoy the mythics you already have and would make a little more sense. :woman_shrugging:
Maybe not, what do I know

90s are balanced against abyssal legendaries, 95 for mythics. I personally prefer this so abyssals aren’t walking over bases too easily for another month…