Fort event add ons


What if during Fort event, for 100% defeated base, each tower has 5% (the rate can be modified later) chance to be “broken”?

Broken towers get 20% penalty of HP/AP. Broken towers can be repaired using 20% wood cost of it’s last upgrade cost (For special rss, its value is converted to wood like old outdated tower).
Broken status does not stack


Would you be able to insta apply the “repair work” to the towers, or are you imagining that it will cost timers?


I’m thinking about acceptable duration, and doesn’t use builder hut slot .
Probably 3h/tower level…
Can be sped up, but doesn’t affect any building (though a building can’t be upgraded if it is broken)


I just don’t want it taking an age to repair your towers and timers are a precious rss


Me too, as I need to burn some for speedups already.
Gold chest are too precious for feeding


Curious of the intent on your proposal.

Are you thinking of something to just pass the time? Or do you need something else to spend wood on? Or are you wanting event points without leveling?


So, lemme see if I get this right.

You get raided, during fort, a rss event, your towers get broken, requiring repair, and you’re wanting to require players to use wood, during a rss event, when it is hard to come by, to fix them? And until they can fix them, their defense power takes a hit/the tower is useless?

Thanks, but no thanks. If you want to do it outside of fort, sure, but anything else using rss during a rss event is BAD. Just saying.

Edit - forgot to add, during a rss event, when rss are scarce, you can also war, so now you’re crippling bases during wars. This seems way too easy to be exploited.


Since fort is the only event which can’t gives points on maxed, I wonder to create perch equivalent for fort (getting points without progress)

Not that it will affect my further plan much, as abusing it costs great amount of timers


The idea of having something that gives points without leveling up is novel, but what about those poor saps, I mean players that have had to build build build forever? Seems unfair to them :man_shrugging:


Oops… I forgot about war…


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