Fort event = no chisels in prizing?

So no chisels? During Fort events or was this over looked? :thinking:

Means you wont be able remove 5 mytics a season, thats what we got for people complain about removals.

They answered this in the stream, they will only be present in pvp prizes!

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Not everyone watches the streams.

I’ve long been an advocate for them to, I dunno, post the information on the forums. But that’s too much to ask apparently.

And I personally think it’s pretty :poop: to not have chisels in minor event prizes, but then again, PG is losing me more and more with every misstep they make. They honestly shouldn’t call us “players”, more like paying beta testers…


Pg said only during PvP events

Exactly! Should probably update the original post!
With this “new” information.

That’s pretty crap and needs to change @PGawal @pgSyzygy


PG has always been terrible about supplying information and explanations for anything so no surprise there. It has always ended up falling back to amazing players like Red, Mech, forScience, ect to explain anything in an actual understandable way.

Without player contributions this game would have ready fallen apart which is just sad.

ForScience did mention it in the stream notes though


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