Fort Glitches..and..Support Glitches

I’ve found previous posts, 3 actually in the last 6 months, about this issue…however there is never more then a few comments and never has a solution…this is not the same issue as when a team mate sees your def its higher then what your seeing…I figure that’s from the boosts anyway…

Upgrading during fort…

  • After multiple upgrades my defense jumps like 40+ mil points… woohoo…(round about estimate)
    2 hours later my defense drops 2 mil points… :hushed:

Contact support… ask for help…blah blah known issue blah blah…

Upgrade later, more towers, and defense goes up another 10 mil… with all dark flak and mage tower ugrades blah blah…

Watching the screen and i see my power start switching… down 2 mil… I restart the game thinking maybe its a glitch… my def drops another 3 mil… totaling 5 mil this time… that’s a total of 7 mil just this event that I’ve noticed…

So I’m seeing this has happened alot before… but just figured it was something wrong with the configuring before and it gave me too much def points or whatever…and was correcting cause its sometimes a mil or something never multiple million in 1 fort…

So I take to support again…

It’s not the boosts they are always on…
It’s not the rider… it’s the same.
Its not the dragon… it’s the same…

What am I missing here?? Its like 3 steps forward 1 step back… etc etc…
And the solution they gave me is just bonkers… cant even do it for another 2 weeks.


Other than it being annoying does it really change anything? Unless you are losing defenses you should have won it seems kind of minor to the various game breaking bugs. I generally dont use this number so it does not bother me if it jumps around.


And the latest reply pretty much means… I’m done with u stop talking to support… I cant help u :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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So it generally the number doesnt mean squat diddly correct? Then what’s the point lol?

So if your winning ok… if your losing then it becomes and issue :grin::joy:

And as far as the “major” bugs… those aren’t getting fixed either lol… so not sure why bringing up the minor ones would be an issue :joy:

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I don’t have an issue with bringing it up. My real question is are you seeing a noticeable performance difference? Mine bounced around too but unless I am full of resources I dont get many attacks. If I remember correctly the number you see is also different from what people attacking see. I generally just look at tower level and composition when attacking.


I guess that’s true… just wondering if there numbers are off… could anything else with defense be off?
How could we find out?

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It would take a lot of work. When I used to play a mmo, I would run an addon that would capture all battle data for analysis. I am pretty sure nothng like that exists. You would have to enable damage statistics and do screen captures and then there is also research to consider.


I dont really pay attention to defense numbers. The number I see for my base is the highest number. In the attack screen it shows a lower number to others than I see and on the info screen my teammates see an even lower number. All that matters is how the base is setup and tower levels to determine strength. It is crazy how the number varies so drastically in three different screens in the game for the same base but PG doesn’t math very well. :joy:


Defence numbers are NEVER right. The number you see is different to the one allies and enemies see. Hell ask your team to tell you what your defence is and compare it.

The same is true of dragon attack damage seen on your profile.

Those numbers are misleading and have minimal value. I would strongly suggest completely ignoring them and judge bases by the towers and their levels only


Yeah, I’ve had this happen too, but it’s really random - it happens even outside fort for me. It’ll bounce up and down by random amounts. even when the boosts, towers, runes, etc. haven’t been changed. No idea why.


I’ve been told this is a sync error and your actual defense never changes


Okay, but what the heck is the actual defence? Which one of those three indicators shows the truth? Which one?



The best way to know is to pop into LC and ask someone what they see…just wait until you don’t mind being raided


Or in the alternative, if you have Atlas, maybe ask someone in alliance to “hit you”. That way you don’t get raided… Although it still may happen. :joy:


At the risk of asking a stupid question, does you rating drop while upgrading a tower (since it can’t fight)?


I had same issue but with a dragon
Get even more hilarious answer
That it’s a visual glitch and my dragon looks weaker but he works perfectly fine as he supposed to work :woman_shrugging:t2:


Alt Example of attack and defense stats as seen from base view (self), stat page (others view), and what you see when actually visiting the base (others view). It’s never been the same on all. Boosts, gears, etc. might have something to do with it but the difference in numbers is substantial.

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Think it also depends on the other person. For example my teammates see one number, my alliance sees another. I see yet another number. It’s reminiscent of the Number 23 (the Jim Carrey movie). Funny yet not funny all at once.

Are you sure of this?

I have seen identical numbers from team, league chat and alliance. You just need to check if they are all looking at the same page or if one person is looking at your profile and the other is looking at your base through the attack screen.

Its consistent now but it was like that before. Now everyone sees the same thing on the same page. It should be consistent through and through though, i am unsure what it was but around the same time it kept telling me I couldn’t attack in atlas because i had to finish my prior attack. Clearly not one and the same but I think it was a minor bug. Unsure, just happy whatever it was has corrected itself.