Fort Glitches..and..Support Glitches


Nope… its random… even after upgrading… completing… and then doing the storage trick… logging I’m and out so that it takes affect… few hours later… massive drop…


Although I understand what your saying
. I’m referring to self view changing only… not what other are seeing…



You’ll get now where with this trust me I’ve sent messages about event issues showed proof had the help/ support team give me 6 different answers to my problem that where all false and still haven’t got my issue resolved. Not to mention I posted on the forum jus like you did got asked for ticket number and nothing happened n this issue was from the breeding event . No matter what your issue is they never fix it and make it like it’s your fault not there so don’t waste your time


Your prob right… although I’ve noticed alot of replies here havnt actually understood what the point of the actual post was… as many have regarded about visualizing between attack screen, team view, stacker view and self view…

When the issue was strictly with self view and personal defense lose…

Thanks for the feedback and I will probably just forget about it lol.


The response to both is pretty much the same. It’s spaghetti code. It doesn’t work all over and chances are it’s just spaghetti code


Your towers are still doing the damage they’re supposed to be doing & have the hit points they’re supposed to have.

The Defense Power number has been broken/fiddly/outright incorrect for a long time. It’ll display differently between your profile card, your info on the top-left of your base view, and when someone tries to attack you. At the end of the day, Defense Power is useless because nobody knows what your actual Defense Power is and it all hinges on layout anyways.


Something interesting on the two first screens if you take the defense from both and do a subtraction you come pretty close to what the third screen shows lol


The random drop has happened to a team mate of mine. Which was super bizarre because they upgraded a flak so the defense should have gone up but it went down. They were told to force close the game and restart it. PG knows about this flux, and are working on a solution (allegedly from their response to my teammate.)

The answer to everyone’s issue with defense is “whatever you see in your “home” screen is your actual defense” and that they’re working on this issue as well…
:roll_eyes: (at the ZenDesk answers not you.)


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