Fort no fun with too much lumber in game

Am I the only one who thinks fortification event should be about having trouble looting lumber? There’s so much in game with the boosts it ruins all the fun…


Why in the world would you complain about too much, just stop. Who cares if you have too much? What fun was there hitting a bunch of bases that say they have 50k lumber just to end up with 0? Not to mention 1m lumber upgrades if your mid game or so. That’s at least 40 minutes if you get 50k in every battle to upgrade one thing


Never thought I’d see someone complain about what they have.


It used to not be this way I agree with the OP. I have been getting a lot of lumber drops from Bron chest lately and the game is also old enough where they are most likely is at least somebody in someone’s Guild with a lot of lumber to give out anyways fortification used to be not too long ago that after the first two hours lumber was almost impossible to find and now for some reason it is everywhere. I apologize for the run-on sentence but it is much easier to use my phone to type for me rather than type words in these forms as you all know I don’t have to explain why.

Please don’t complain. leave it this way


I just had an idea that might explain why I believe it is because a lot of people are not playing this game as much anymore and their bases are just sitting there like sitting ducks participation is way down for this game in my opinion

Please believe me when I say that the opposite is much, much worse. Back when finding lumber was a lot of troubles you’d be lucky to get 20k depending on your level.
Maybe we have a bit too much lumber now, but that’s not as bad as the terrible economy before when we had none.


Because it shows that you can’t please everyone. Give them a pile of rss and someone is going to complain about it.


Divine has the best reply so far.

Old way where there was no lumber was horrible.
New way where lumber is available but progression and/or timers is your limiter is a lot better. This way you can actually reach your goal instead of struggle the whole event to get nowhere.


Also you or your team being done with the event and having excess of lumber doesn’t mean everyone is. Players who can only build one day a week, or still trying to build more to achieve a higher prize tier/ required level to breed thank you very much for your excess wood :grin:


Every single time we have this boost, people make a f*cking thread complaining about it. I think the boost should be with EVERY fort event. What’s the benefit of having people attacking for hours in-game for morsels of wood? It doesn’t benefit anyone. If you’re really that upset that you don’t have to get 2mil wood for an upgrade while getting 50k wood from attacks, go out and I don’t know… get a life or a hobby or something?


Don’t forget that some base have bugged lumber mill.

Since the event started, my lumber mill can accumulate around 2M lumber each (so 4M total if full + 50% elite bonus so it’s 6M lumber) even though the max is only 997K (it’s still bugged considering it’s level 64 which should be a bit lower than that)

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I agree - foraging for lumber is annoying so I’m thrilled for having lots around to use.

For myself the lumber packs in chests are not terrible useful so a reduction there would be welcome. However smaller levels that don’t have atlas might actually use the lumber packs . In my own experience with a lower level alt I find that lumber is rather plentiful after the first day of fort.

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Not enough timers is the problem


Lol you think that countless attacks with 0 RSS are more fun? :thinking::thinking: Honestly with so many issues within the game this is bothering you? Don’t forget this time there was boycott so many started to play much later…


Yes… yes you are the only person who thinks that.


Just change the title like “too much lumber in gold chests” :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Yes I would like to keep current setup with lumber more available and swap lumber packs for embers/ timers.


It is a must for non-Atlas teams to have the 3x boost. It is really no fun if you don’t have a bank.


but what about the fun of collecting 10m wood 50k at a time??

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The fun is in hunting food, duh.