Fort (Springblossom 11th week)


Credit to @PoseidonPQ


You took my Monday pleasure from me!

I like the poster very much, and am fully prepared for the event. :blush:


I see the spell-de-check has been ramped up to 11 for this one :joy:


Based on the poster I’d guess this was a cross over event! :laughing:

Love it @PoseidonPQ :kissing_heart:


Hah. He said board…



@PoseidonPQ sure did an awesome poster this week with lots of tree/wood puns :smiley:


I was hoping it would be feed


Nah, you can feed those beasts inside of your mills…


Empyrean Mythics are coming

Finally getting lv 63 towers this event so Im happy. Just wish I had about double the amount of timers that I have. Really need to push for 360 soon otherwise I’ll have nothing to breed in a couple of events


:eyes: My plans for fort are ambitious. Hopefully I have enough timers otherwise I’ll need to reconsider :sweat:

I really want to hit 360 and not only will I need the timers to get from 330 to 360, I will need additional timers to speed up the upgrades for my incubator, speed hatch Sanguis and Kaze, and enough left over to get my breeding castle finished the rest of the way before breeding starts so that I can breed Jormungandr…


Main goal for me : reach lvl 55 to unlock ice and fire flaks and then 56 so I can bring my divine to green tier. If I can finish lvl 70 that will be the cherry on the cake as that would mean I’ll be able to breed and hatch my first gold dragon during next breeding event :star_struck:

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Good luck with getting all those timers Liz Haha you may need to build a timer tree this event to gather that many :wink:

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How many timers u need to reach the goal and how many u have?


I have a fair amount of timers already (didn’t use up all of them from last time), but I haven’t done the number crunching to figure out what getting to lvl 360 will do to my timer stash.


A full year worth of timers for 3 levels :expressionless:


75’s and vanguard evolve for my divines this event :tada:


PG sure “fixed” the expedite economy. All NEW WAR DRAGONS! ****** Now with 30% less timers. Get it today! This deal won’t last forever! Only $19,999.95 plus shipping and handing. Easy installment plan available!


Excited to be getting my first 60s. And will have a few clocks to spare.


That…is a lot of timers. I am incredibly jealous.


With Springblossom coming to a close and Fort looming as event #2 of the next season, I’m going to save all of my upgrades for next fort. I don’t need much more to get Ronin, so 450 sigil prize it is for 100 days worth of timers.

Next event should be the 8M one on discount.