Fort x PvP: Barrage of the Barricades

In light of Kingdom Wars getting scrapped and anticipating the new PvP as well - I have a suggested event!

The basic premise is a Fort + PvP event… I’ll call it, Barrage of Barricades!

The core idea of this event is that teams can create their own PvE bases that other teams can attack for points.


  • To allow the players to experiment with base design layout
  • To promote strategy & creativity
  • To foster team coordination by relying on shared pooled resources
  • Incentivize moving up leagues and discourage sandbagging

Main Mechanic: The juiciest points are the players on a team - but to get to these targets, a team has to destroy the barricade of PvE bases protecting their enemies!

Part 1: The Treasure Hunting Phase is now the Build Phase

  • No PvP as per usual but chests are available as drops
  • This is like the first day of Fortification (wood boost optional), all the wood a player is able to hold can be dumped into their team’s “Barricade Storage Materials” in the event page; This needs to be steadily upgraded to be able to hold more wood so that your team can build stronger towers
  • The maximum level of towers available to be built is dependent on the league that team is in.

Diamond 1 - Whatever end game towers are available (let this be represented by n in which n = level of tower appropriate to end-game)
Diamond 2 - Max tower levels are n-1 (e.g. Verdant at this point)
Sapphire 1 - Max tower levels are n-2 (Eldritch)
Sapphire 2 & 3 - Max tower levels are n-3 (Abyssal)
P1 - Max tower levels are n-4 (Empyrean)
P2 & P3 - Max tower levels are n-5 (Vanguard)
P4 - " " " n-6 (harbinger)
Gold- (Fixed, Obsidian - or Harbinger)
Silver: (Fixed, Sapphire)
Bronze: (Fixed, Gold)

  • All special towers can be constructed by special merges of legacy towers (e.g. Ballista+Treb might yield a Dark Flak)
  • No timers needed. If you can afford to build or upgrade the tower, it’s built instantly
    *Building Design is initially controlled by leadership (Leaders + Officers). There will be a settings option in the event page that will allow leadership to control who has power over deciding tower placement, priority and rss. There is the option to select a few more players to contribute to base building by assigning ‘Architects’
  • Up to 5 PvE barricades bases can be constructed - up to 30 players can be “protected” by a PvE barricade. Unprotected players can be hit directly by other teams; Leadership decides who gets protection under which PvE barricade.
  • PvE Barricades will all have the same HP depending on League, the higher the league, the fatter the HP.

Part 2: Actual PvE & PvP!

  • Building stops!
  • Individual points gained per PvE base increase with League (e.g. It might be worth 75 pts in gold but in Platinum, it’s 100 pts)
  • Maximum points players offer and how many players offer high points increases with league - e.g. the biggest 7 players in a diamond team offer 145 pts while only 5 of the biggest players in Saph offer that much, and only 3 in Plat have that. It will be important that there is a difference between sub-leagues to encourage teams to move up; P1 and P2’s 3 max bases may offer 145 pts but P2’s second set of top bases only offer 143 pts while P1’s offers 144.
  • The difference between the points gained between hitting the max base and the PvE base shrink as you go up leagues - this is to discourage sandbagging.
  • Point degradation: Each time a player’s base is attacked or raided, the amount of points it rewards goes down. This mechanic is important for discouraging alliances and farming. Burn 'em all, people!
    **alternatively, my friend @Taraxus suggested putting a cooldown period on bases instead of putting a point degradation which is less punishing to grinders.
  • Out of energy but still energetic : You can still farm wood and store in your team’s storage
  • GET POINTS FOR DEFENDING. For every PvE base defended, get 1 pt plus 1 pt for every dragon shot down. Get 2 pts for every teammate’s base defended plus 1 for every dragon shot down. It’s a small thing to make battles more exciting - and the points count toward individual progression and “The Defenders’ Cup” which is a special reward specific to this event that is awarded to one team that accumulated the most defend points over the event.

Part 3: Barricade HP & Player Base Pts Reset (40 minutes of beefing up)

  • At the end of each round, Barricade HP and Player HP will be reset.
  • Energy resets happen too!
  • Barricades can be upgraded during reset periods!

Team Option: Ceasefire!

Each team will have 3 chances in the event to hold a ceasefire - where they cannot attack any team and no team can attack them for a set period of time. Ceasefire time decreases upon moving up the leagues. During a team’s ceasefire, they can continue to build up their barricades or rearrange players. When ceasefire ends Energy Costs for the team that used ceasefire reset as well! Use wisely, because you only have 3 chances!

Questions to still figure out:

  • How long should each round be? I was thinking one whole day but people already hate KWars lack of energy lol.
  • How long should the League-wide ceasefire be? I suggested 40 minutes but I don’t know if it should be shorter to maximize play time or longer to maximize build/breathe time.
  • Should teams have the option to layer defenses? Would you prefer to hide a PvE base behind another player’s base as it hides your highest level players?

Alternative but Similar Idea:

Instead of the PvE base protecting your players, your players can be the ‘maze’ to unlock the PvE Base. Instead of 5 PvE bases, all teammates direct rss into one PvE base that follows the layout of a Dungeons base. This PvE base gives the highest points available and will degrade in value depending how often a player hits it. In order to unlock this base, teams have to beat x number of PvP bases on the enemy team. Sweeten the deal: you can get bonus drops like Embers and Electrum bars depending on the towers used for the PvE base.

Foreseen Issues:
Point degradation is supposed to discourage people from running over the same base over and over again but it also discourages grinders bc it then becomes so much more rewarding to drop a couple megas each round.


I haven’t read this much since I read through the bible of chunk.
Time to get reading then


I love the idea of a DIY base defending event! There aren’t many activities entered around defending. Actually, there’s only one.

Oh, definitely support the maze type dungeon style! A combined chain of player bases sounds interesting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I saw that edit. Was wondering what a :chunk: bubble was and what could be written on it? :sweat_smile:


This is a lot of detail :sweat_smile: — but I’m sure it wouldn’t be too complex. Just the state my mind is in right now lol. Seems interesting! I would honestly love to give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

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