Fortification and Feeding Event Start

There needs to be a better and more fair way for everyone in all time zones to get points in the fortification and feeding events.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of logging in for a fortification or feeding event and finding all of their resources gone, that no one has a good amount of resources to steal, and that if you gather enough resources, someone will steal it before you can use it. For that reason, it is crucial to be online RIGHT when these events start to get points.

However, with this game being international, it gives an unfair advantage to certain time zones (not always the same ones). Even if PG decided to add treasure hunt with a timer for when the event will start, it’s still wouldn’t be possible for everyone to have the same shot at getting points. There needs to be a way to help out players who are asleep, at work, or have some other conflict. I’m not sure of the best way. I’ll put a few possibilities below. Feel free to comment with other ideas or tweak mine.

:small_blue_diamond: Have a higher amount of resources protected when the event starts (based on their level, so they can actually have enough to build or feed). Have that protection last for about 1 hour after the player logs in. Maybe have the protected amount decrease over a period of time if they don’t log in, but allow them enough time to sleep or work (so maybe like 10 hours after the events starts?).

:small_blue_diamond:Maybe at the start of the event, take all of their needed resources for that event (wood for fortification or food for feeding), and turn it into a resource pack. That way they can use what they had saved up whenever they log in.
:small_blue_diamond:A combination of the above ideas could work too.


the idea itself is appealing, however it would protect the rarely active players, too.

maybe have a ‘protection pack’ which lasts for the first 24 hours and costs 20 rubies, that would exclude inactives.

fort event is a joke i just wrote a my own issue with this event. something needs to change

That is why I thought having the protection decrease after a period of time would be good, so that if you don’t log in like an active player, your stuff can be stolen. :blush:

While I too agree that something should be done, I’m torn as to what is should, or even could, be.

I’d like to be able to convert whatever is in my storage into packs at any time, not just during fort/feeding events. I spend 3/4 of the month completely full of lumber, as does probably a significant portion of the player base. A lot of players constantly dump said lumber on other players, for no damn reason other than “it makes me a target”. Uh, duh, like everyone else isn’t a target either? So much lumber and food go to waste, it’s ridiculous. Allow us to convert up to our storage cap into a pack one time a day. Get rid of the, literally, disappearing resources.

A “shield” could be useful, however I do not think it should be universal and/or instantly applied to every player. I think you should have to login sometime within say 12 hours of the approximate event time, up until the event actually starts, and manually press something that enacts the shield for 24 hours from the time it was enacted. I do not think you should be able to enact is after the event starts.

But, that’s just me. Sorry for going off topic a bit. Oh, and at least during fort events, lumber is everywhere by Sunday. If you get past the instant gratification and have a little patience, come Sunday/Monday you won’t be able to spend the lumber fast enough… that doesn’t apply during feeding events though as players can always dump food into their dragon perches for points, so there is never “excess” food during feeding events. Personally, I’d like to see perch feeding removed from the feeding event and the point tiers lowered accordingly.

Oops, went off topic again…sorry.


Don’t see how a time limited protection would ‘protect the rarely active’. Unless you consider everyone who plays the game in a different Timezone, so either working or sleeping ‘rarely active’.

I don’t always agree with the clamoring to have changes made to suit time zones still, nice idea this would at least help at event start, but I don’t see PG doing it.

Because players who aren’t online simply because they’re rarely active, rather than unable to due to time zone etc., would be given protection. Aka even more scarce lumber (not everyone is the type of player most of us on the forum are). I bet most of the “rarely active” don’t even know how much RSS they have anyways when event starts.

I have an idea that may or not be stupid. How about for the first 24 hours of fort people can only attack people from their own time zones. And the event could start at like different times for different time zones. Impossible? Probably, is it an idea? I think

I don’t have any sympathy for US players in this regard. Of course you think it’s fair because you all get the advantage of cleaning everyone out at event start, every time they run this shit. The ‘rarely active’, likely won’t be on even after a ‘limited time’ protection runs out.

Other events it doesn’t really matter so much, you can always make up points. In Fortification it’s rss dependent… the rss are usually raided away by the time I’ve finished work making the whole event worthless. Although when I comes to it I don’t like the event anyhow since timers are in really short supply.

It’s a weekend off I guess. Lol

Just attack last day of event or last two days and you’ll get more than enough lumber


It’s either a messy brawl for wood In the first few hours or a waiting game for thé last day

Lmao. The last day/s of events are work days in this part of the world. Event end more often than not coincides with US evenings which means work hours in this part of the world.

Timers are a bigger problem than lumber though to be honest.

Still regardless of what I think of the crappy Fort event I still think the OP has a point.

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Why? Cause the kids on the East Coast are home from school when the event starts at 3pm my time, while I’m at work (Central Time)? For once, an event was delayed until I was actually home from work, cause, well, you know, job and all.

And attacking players in their own time zone? I feel sorry for that one guy that lives on that little island in the Pacific, he won’t have anyone to attack for, like, a day. That would be next to, actually, impossible to do as the game runs on Unix time, not on your local time.

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled moaning…


I said it was a stupid Idea. And second of all I like that ur straight forward with everything lol

I was at work when the event started (US eastern time zone)

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I’m at work (or worse commuting to work and I drive…) whenever events start, and at work when wars start… Don’t see me complaining on here…

And everyone is at work at some point last 2 days of event…unless you work 24/7 I’m sure you can find some time to do some runs last couple days??? :man_shrugging:

True, but reliable and regular lumber tends to dry up by an hour into the event… at least until levels bounce back over the weekend.

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I’ll follow up further and say i’m ALWAYS at work when the events start, and I’m driving. Maybe they need to adjust things for me being a grad student either commuting from internship to work or being at work when every event starts. I do think things need to be more about me, for reals

Edit: How about a protection for just me?


Honestly they just need to increase the lumber supply. They will make more money off speedups if there is lumber available. Nobody is dumb enough to buy lumber… But they will buy a speedup if they have the lumber to build another tower.

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