Fortification and no wood drought

Am I’m the only one to notice how much wood is available in this event?
Is anyone building?
I had over 500k in store it sat there for nearly a day didn’t get a single attack. I have donated nearly 4.5 million wood to my team and that’s after getting my 400 sigil prize. Am I being extremely lucky I honestly don’t know.
Was wondering if anyone else has noticed all the wood that is available.

Not everyone has 100’s of days worth of timers for more than one build

I was more popular than the diet coke and the disposable tissues combined, usually while I was at work and couldn’t use up / send out my lumber. (lvl 117 ->> 124, my attackers 200+)

Luckily my team helped me with 800k wood from self and bank, and I am only 90k away from 450 sigils prize.
I also see lots of DEFEND TEAMMATE! banners, so it might be your luck. Or your league. Or your base. Maybe a combination of these factors.


wood has been good in amount all fort event and now with the atlas bank, there would be even more I guess

I don’t have atlas only in gold 2.

After about the first three days of fort, wood becomes a lot easier to find because people either hit their goals and stop building, or they run out of timers and stop building.

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I have never said you do

@Dawncrayon Maybe the atlas bank is a good explanation for all the extra wood. Being as I have no access, these things are hidden from me.

:astonished: May I have some skippy? :drooling_face:

Sadly many left because they got so many rubies for leveling up. Jared was all the way right


@OrcaFrost sure pay me a visit :grin:. Always willing to help a fellow player.

Why left?i don’t get it
I was one who had this future on my account and I grew up about 20 lvls and been spending even more,then usually
Not sure,why ppl don’t like free stuff🤔

Yeah!its unusually big amount of wood around
Also noticed this
Checked both accounts and I think it’s not even about lvl

@NightOwI thanks for the conformation, as I’ve also seen it with my alt account.
Glad I’m not going mad.

They just printed out wood and didnt need to raid anybody


What ever you are on I want some🤣


Im on the ground. U wanna try dirt?

Clearly you didn’t notice his post in the off topic category :laughing:

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@LizDrakemoor no I have to admit I didn’t see the post, but just read it. His post was about the lack of wood and timers. This is about how much wood now seems to available. For the event.

I was explaining why he’d made the comment he’d made up higher about printing wood. You didn’t seem to get his joke so I thought you’d like to be clues in :upside_down_face:

As for why there’s more wood available, see my post up higher. Pretty much every fortification event has the wood levels bouncing back by the weekend because fewer people are still actively building by that point.