Fortification and Resources

Just a quick thought. The more exclusive resources such as pearls, embers, and shards. Could you please make it possible to trade these between teammates, even at a loss.

I need Black Pearls and I know most people seem to have plenty. I cannot get them. I have opened so many gold chests, but they are just never there. Perhaps one day I will have extra, when I do I wouldn’t mind sharing them even if I lost a percentage in the exchange.

For example, a new teamamate needs 1,000. If I send him 5,000 and he nets a 1,000 upon receipt that would be fine. Same thing for embers and shards.

While the idea itself is really kind, and your intentions are genuine, this system could be abused in so many ways, that I find it frightening to go further with the thought. The 80% loss is utter nonsense, too.

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indeed. (let’s advertise the search function) :kissing_heart:

Perhaps, a slight clarification reading the attached thread. I don’t want to “trade”. I just want to ship resources like lumber and food. Not to get anything back or exchange with someone, and still only with people on your team.

I just suggested the loss of resources since it is a premium resource. It would limit the number of times you would want to do it.

I have already read that one. But what you suggest is unreasonable as unlike food and lumber, these don’t grow on trees. And here’s an example:

Player X sends 100k Ice Shards to Player Z.
Player Z receives 20k.
Player Z gains advantage without lifting a finger.


  • Player X is a sugar daddy and Player Z is technically a prostitute. The only problem with this layout is that no one has fun.
  • supporting players with the premium resources takes away a bit of the magic of the game. Also, it is totally unfair in my opinion.

You ask why?

Because players work their hearts out to reach higher levels, study base plans and help with advice to others, some actually use their money to get rubies and try their luck.

Forwarding premium resources without getting anything in return is shitting in the face of those I mentioned above. Even with such a big loss rate.

don’t forget that any undetected hackers may gladly do money laundering using this system of yours.

Fair enough

@forScience linked that thread for you to get the general idea how such a generous act can be abused and how vulnerable the game really is when it comes to this kind of interaction between accounts.

Even if people dislike PG as a company, they certainly do not deserve to be ruined like this.

Existing threads for discussion of this are already available. Closing for duplication.

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