Fortification Event Idea

I would like to know everyones thoughts on adding bot bases for fortification and even feed events. These bots would hold large amount of rss but difficult to defeat. They would be tiered as such that higher levels produce higher amounts of rss.

You would search through normal means (attack screen). They cant be bookmarked and are auto renamed after they are taken to ensure this. This would help bring back the old spirit of the game where we had to work together and grind to get what we needed and not have to spend $100 to level. This would also help repair the broken economy during these events.

Its just a thought but I think it would really help everyone.

Addition: Base bots would have an obvious name. e.g. PGBaseBot or LumberBase…


what’s the fun of having bot bases for rss? If we had that, no one would hit others for resources… Plus if you play smart, you dont have to spend 100 for every event to level. Wood will be abundant towards the end of event


Possibly…when you need 700k a building its not that easy.

If im sitting on 700k after a bot base hit, that opens the door for someone to attack me…an easier target than a bot base…i think it would rebalance…

We can already grind for lumber.

It is challenging, with either the player dumping or someone else hitting it first so you end up with a zero. This is where teamwork counts and you have to know how to transfer to support the team.

With the increased lumber PG has made available for these events, production boosts and teammate bonus res (When you have someone join a run) this has been one of the easiest fortification events to date. Imo

Everyone wants things to be easy, I would stop playing if it were that easy. The point of a game is to struggle to complete your goals, not to have them handed to you.

I also don’t think people realize the difficulty of coding all these new ideas into a playable format when glitches are already a real issue.

FYI, my builds are over 1m each now and I didn’t have much trouble getting them done and sending out millions in lumber to teammates.


this is why you need an active team to bounce rss with you. 700k of wood is very easy to hunt now. especially when you know the time period to hit

Yer right it can be easy if you spend money. What Iam saying there is an imbalance and this would help eleviate that. Im not saying make make a bunch of these base types and make it easy. Finding 1 or 2 an event is what I am saying. Not making it super easy. Sure finding 700 for one tower is not too bad, but when you are leader transferring millions to your team already (which I am), this would help keep the team moving forward.

To assume Im not helping my team is a pretty big leap…

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you can still proceed and have fun in this event without spending money. Just need to get your teammates to buddy up and bounce rss together. let them do the hunting part, you can sit there and bounce rss back when time is up

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You are right you can. This bypasses bouncing and would help balance the economy for everyones benefit. Honestly, can you seriously tell me you wouldnt like to find these when you are searching for a base to hit…it adds to the excitement of grinding. Then I can send off to a teamate or use on my base…or get attacked and lose it all.

Its just an idea…is feeding not also to benefit from this…

I already get excited when I find a base with 200k and manage to walk away with all of it or more. More than once I have hit someone who was online and showing 150k. After the run I got 300k as they must have just gotten a transfer. They attack back instantly and I need to use or transfer quick. We don’t need special bases for that, it already exists in game.

I never suggested you weren’t helping your team. I simply stated that I have had no problems with my 1m+ builds as well as sending millions of lumber out to my teammates. I am an officer so my teammates come before myself as you suggested.

It is not difficult in the least to find wood.

I said nothing about spending money. I didn’t spend a dime and am having zero issues getting the lumber I need.

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Yup. Or play smart and wait till the end of event and build :joy:

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I actually brought this up when i went to pg headquarters a few weeks ago. They said they liked the idea and were thinking of a way to do it.

I don’t spend beyond an elite account, which I highly recommend BTW, and I have no problem making it to the 450 sigil prize in fortification events. Protection / Production boosts do work if you’re online to harvest from farms/mills. I raid up to protection level and either bounce or use saved up packs to make up the difference. I could actually go further but it’s not worth the waste of timers in my opinion and I don’t want to out-level my dragons. Red has a section on season planning that says everything I learned the hard way (and so much more). Not sure I should share the direct link so here is an indirect link to her post on the subject. Red's Shared WD Folder

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