Fortification event: xp and points not as expected


I use the fortification planner from @mechengg and usually everything fits, but this fort I’m getting different results.
Anyone else?


You need more details :joy:

Did you add 20 towers to your base, or are you getting 150m points on the planner but not in game?


I don’t want to give too many details, just to know if anyone noticed something not expected with the xp and points during this event.
If not and it’s only me, I’m fine.


Not for me. It matches perfectly.

Though, which version did you use?




The amount of points and xp gained from the towers I’ve leveled this event doesn’t match up with the planner


Might check first… :thinking:


I think I have the last one
last update is from October


Sorry. I mean I look at it wrong. Therefore, I’ll try it first

Correct point for me…



I’ve opened a ticket and asked if I can have the information of which tower were leveled and from which level.

I don’t see anything else to know what happened… maybe an error from me when I’ve introduced the level of my towers… I don’t know… but I won’t complain, the results are beneficial for me. I just want to know what happened.


I noticed this too, but I was using 3.07 (didnt think of an updated version until afterward). Not sure if that’s why. I was getting points faster while not leveling as fast as the planner predicted (I’m in the early 200s).


Sorry… my points were exactly as I planned with Mecheng’ planner.
Wasn’t paying much attention to the XP earned honestly, but level match up.


Mistery solved!

Thanks to Joshua from Spanish help desk who gave me the lists of the towers I’ve leveled giving me start and final level.

It was my mistake. I’ve upgraded 2 mages from lower level and wanted to start with my biggest mages… anyway averything is fine.


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