Fortification for 300

In the last breeding event, already I bred morthil and shezard harbinger eggs. So I need to increase the level from 250 to 300.

I have “short base” putting IFT, DFT, RED/BLUE MAGE and STORM on the kill island. The level of those towers is all 56.

In this event, I’m going to get them up to 20 first , but still 300 won’t reach 30.

Yes, I need to increase a existing tower or build a new one.

Existing tower: ELCTRO FT39, FFT25, FIRE TURRET28, ICE TURRET31, BLUE28, RED25

There is not much for embers.

Please tell me your opinion. Thank you!

We only need 280 now :upside_down_face:


You have 5 towers on your kill, 4 levels each (I assume you have enough Obsidian eggs to upgrade builder). That will give you about 20 levels. You need 10 more.
I don’t think you can maintain 3 flak in the long run, but if you want one I would go for fire. I have DF, FF and half of an IF. If not, the options are canon or archer. Lightning are good, in numbers, but maintaining 2-3 lightning at max level is not doable at your (or mine) level. My choice was canon.

Or keep fire/ice turret up to max.

Now you will have more than 5 kill towers that you want to maintain at high level. That caused me to reconsider short kill, I migrated to long kill. Not everyone agrees with me, but I am happy with a long kill and 7.5 (IF is only half) as kill towers.

I hope this helps.


Oh! sorry…

I didnt know that :sweat_smile:

So I need 10 more.

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Yes, I made 5 towers 56-60 on my kill.
So I need 10 more…

I don’t think you can maintain 3 flak in the long run too.:persevere:
I can be keeping the IFT maximum, so there is no Canon in my view.

I might choose fire/ice turret.

Thank you!

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sorry to butt in, but im in the same position as the poster, im 265, so 280 to breed harbinger? or


Yep (tbh I’m in the same position as well :rofl::rofl::rofl:)


thanks Orca again!, where i can i see this? - also do i need breeding castle and Incubator to level 11?


Wdstats have this already.
And you need lv 12 castle and incubator as well.


We can check it below.

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