Fortification Frenzy Event Scoring Add



Hi folks, this is my first time here and I just want to suggest that in the Fortification Frenzy Event player that send to a team mate some amount of wood have a chance to score points in the event also. Jus Add “Every 10 wood sent to a team mate is worth 1 point”.

My suggestion lies on the basis that it will increase the team collaboration and the team rank competition. Besides that, some players that are unable to score due a lack of speedups but contribute with their mates (and of course with the final rank of the team) can earn some points too. It’s fair to everyone. This kind of player is promoting the team and the team mates! So he deserves scoring some points when he sends wood.

Same idea should be used in feeding events.



Nope. I veto this. You could send wood back and forth for the duration of the event without actually spending any and get a shit ton of points.


I see an advantage here if you have alt account. It is called fortification event not shipping event.
Well if holding wood give point too that would make easier to raid and lot more attack/defender activities


Oh, I see. Sorry, Never thought about that. I agree with you and Liz.


I like that you tired to come up with a new idea for scoring points in the event. But your suggestion is too easy to take advantage of and it would totally screw up the point spread for prizes.


Sorry, I agree with you and Kyslme.


Very true…and thanks for help.


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