Fortification- how many attacks?

Is it just me who is getting attacked so much?
Seems to be the lower league you are, the more you are picked on.

Very normal to get attacked more than usual during Fort and Training (Feeding).

It is a great opportunity to review a bunch of replays and see what attackers are exploiting on your base.


9 attacks in the past hour sucks. Can’t get to level 63 because I don’t have the wood :sob:

Yup, it sucks, but you can learn from it and get stronger for the future. I used to be in the same boat. As it stands, I only got attacked 4 times last night and I woke up sitting on over 500k lumber. You’re early enough in the process you can avoid a lot of mistakes and build a great base without much backtracking. Check out @mechengg 's base building guide. If you get started now, you’ll be WAY ahead of the curve.

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I actually see a decline for me so far. On a regular day, I get hit about 30 times (down from about 50 not so long ago), yesterday I got hit 12. I gotta piss more people off I guess. Bahhhh.

You’ve been trolling less and making more ‘constructive’ (or your approximation anyway) posts lately… you OK man?


During these events there is about 0% chance the first day that you can amass the amount of lumber necessary for GOOD builds by yourself.

Use your team, thats what they are there for.

  • Raid 40k then send it off to someone to bounce it back to you. In the meantime raid another 40k. Then when the lumber is returned to you you will have 80k. (*numbers to vary depending on team and level etc).
  • Ask the team for wood
  • Go raiding in groups and do one persons build at a time with all 5 players raiding to build one persons tower

There are many ways to do this event, the above are just a few of the very basic ways to get your max towers built.

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Looking at the screenshots, am I the only one who finds your name ironic? :rofl:


I wish I could watch the replays, I only get THE last one.

And OP I think you need a new name, you clearly are missing some defends


I was going to ask if they felt the name was a challenge and whether they were disappointed there was no defense for any. :slight_smile:

So many attacks I cba defending lol

Rename to IDefendWhenICBA ? :grin:

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I wish I was that popular… You must be having a lot of fun!

yup me too, recently I can only see the last/recent attack :thinking:

@Grumpybigbird just appeared in my battle match maker :grin:

It was like seeing a friend…except he had lumber to steal.

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and… How’d it go?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Do you have a wood production boost? PG has no equal when it comes to miscalculating or misrepresenting numbers.

When you use a production boost, the amount shown as ‘available’ a.k.a. ‘stealable’ to an attacker is grossly overstated. I suspect it may be calculated the same way as if you didn’t have the boost, though the amount available is very different.

It also seems to affect the amount protected within your lumber mills. When I don’t have a boost, even after an attack, there is some lumber left in the mills. When you have the boost and get attacked, the mills seem to have 0.

When I use the boost, I’m attacked repeatedly all night and wake up with 0 wood. When I don’t use it, I may get attacked once or twice over night and wake up with a hundred thousand wood.

I’m sure you’ve also noticed how often you attack an offline player with a huge lumber cache only to end up with 0 lumber as a result.

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My production boost / protection works fine as long as I harvest from my farms / mills. I agree it doesn’t protect the farms/mills but not sure it’s supposed to or not. It does seem to advertise that you have no protection in place and thus more wood than you actually have available. It would be nice to fix that part and it would be nice if it protected what’s in the mills / farms but I’m mostly happy with it.

I feel the same way when I see forum-ers pop up my attack list. I am always VERY tempted, but I refrain :smiley:

@Lutrus used to hit me every few days randomly until i called him out on it. Now he can’t attack me :stuck_out_tongue: