Fortification ideas


I wish you would award fortification points when items are used instead of when buildings are complete, as building a high level tower takes 30 days plus. And if you use timers they do not last long at that rate.
It is very limiting if you ask me.
Allow point allocation when lumber, shards, pearls etc are used instead of when the upgrade is complete.


:thinking: Isn’t that current mechanism?
Including food for mills


Yep, that’s how it works.


Have you ever read the rules? :blush:


No you only get the event points once construction is complete. Not when they are used.

To quote PG " You will earn points whenever you spend wood, food, fire shards, Ice shards, elemental embers, or black pearls"

And yes we get these points, but only once the building is finished. Not when you spend them. So if you spend 800k on lumber and have ran out of timers, you do not get any points unless timers are used as it takes 30 plus days to complete.

I did get some feedback from PG.

Lyndon (wardragons)

Nov 29, 9:55 PM PST

Hi CrazyAussie,

I must admit that’s a great idea. I’m pretty sure that our development team will be delighted to hear this. Please note that there’s no guarantee that we will implement your suggestion. However, if the community wants this, then it will be considered.

We are always looking for ways to improve the game. We recommend that you post your suggestions and feedback in our forums, where some of our devs interact with the community in regards to future changes to our game.

Let me know if you have any other concerns. Thank you for playing War Dragons!


Yes I have. And this is misleading as you are only awarded the points once construction is complete. Not at the point where you use the items.


This is a stock reply from support whenever they get a game suggestion, I think. You should be getting points as soon as you start a building, and it is common to rely on this. If you are not, something is wrong. If support told you otherwise, well – they’re really not experts on all game mechanics.



Because one :man_facepalming: is not enough


That’s constructive.


Have you even looked in game to see what happens? Or did you just assume you’re right?


Probably it’s just delay. Wait for a bit/restart, and your point should be registered.


I am an active player, and know that when you build something it needs to finish before any points are allocated. So I build a level 46 tower and it is going to take 32 days, I run out of timers I do not get those points unless I gain more timers. So points are allocated at the completion of a building not when you first spend the lumber, shards etc.


You know eh?

Ok keep knowing! :+1:


Well if I am wrong then where are my friggin points lol


Orca has more patience than me obviously


@Arelyna could you comment, whether this is just a case for OP, or OP’s misunderstanding, since most of us doesn’t need to complete the building to get the points?

@CrazyAussie mind to post ticket number?


Your request (#1467201) has been updated.


I hope I am wrong and I have been missing out on points, I am sure I am not the only one.


I regularly finish build events on my storage upgrades. It gives me the last points I need and I just let it continue to build until the next fort event. You may just have serious lag in when your points are awarded. You most certainly are supposed get them once the lumber/shards are spent, not on completion.

However this part of the reply is very misleading lol:

Trying to remember the last time a dev was here :thinking:


Ok just did a test, and will have to retract my thoughts. You are correct. There is a long delay (15min) until points are rewarded, but they are rewarded.

Close this thread please.