Fortification ideas


Sorry mate, you were correct. I have a delay for some reason. But am getting the points before completion.


That is super long. You must have really bad lag.


Out here I do (remote area) home is much better.

Can’t load atlas most times here lol


That must be why. Most things you’ll have to wait a bit then. Including claiming prizes.


Negative, ghost rider. You do get points when the building is started, just most of the time point addition is laggy af. Usually reloading the screen helps, but I’ve had it take a few hours for points to show up.

Well, dang, I’m slow. Y’all had a whole conversation while I was typing. :joy: And Idk what I did to the text. Better go crawl back in my hole


Your lag must be even more extreme considering this conversation has been going on for more than an hour… :joy:


Well work internet is cutting in and out, so hard to say. I could probably run faster than these speeds






As requested