Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.08.0 (L75 Towers Now!)


You have 3 yes’s in the end of event column, have to change the incubator to no (or one of them) in order for it to apply the timers.


Thanks @Lutrus! I got the meaning of it upside down. Now it works!


Since we got the lvl 75 towers is there any word on when the discounts will be extended higher? I’m assuming since there is a new tier we will also get lvl 80 towers this coming season as well.


I would assume next tier as well but whether that comes out with the dragons or towers is really a guess at this point


@mechengg if I’m upgrading my builders hut 4 levels will the only thing that is slightly off in the planner be the max tower levels or does it impact other areas?


Yes the only thing that this will effect is the max tower level.
If you are upgrading your hut 4 times, it may be better to simply input the ENDING level of your hut and select “no” for upgrading your hut the 3 times, this will give the same effect as including a 4th “yes” for upgrading the hut


Works like a charm, thanks!


It’s that time of month to make some lists :eyes:


913 days of timers will only get me from 315 to 320. Guess no cooking my vanguard egg for several months.


Yep. This tool shows how painful the 300 wall is.
6 towers from 60-63 each only gets me 4 levels.


I can only open this as a copy. Am I doing something wrong?


Nope, that’s intended. That way you can input your numbers and it won’t change it for someone else who wants to use it


I was pressing the wrong button…thank you @Lutrus