Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)


Just multiply the points by .75 for the new point marks.


When event goes live i will make the official changes in my event prize tracker like i did recently with Breeding :slight_smile:


Yep, I didn’t even have to change my plan for the fort after this, will just be hitting the old 4m prize instead of the 3m, keeps the math simple :joy:


That is lucky, i did a shift from 4m down to 3m for this and lost 7 levels off the progress


@mechengg Work your magic!


Lol. I bet that felt nice to say. :rofl:


Such a mechgic


99% updated, just waiting for confirmation of pearl costing…
Confirmed for 5601/5602/5603 so releasing


Updates for 3.08.0

  1. Added L42 Builder Hut
  2. Added L75 Towers
  3. Added 24/48hr timers


Downloads new spreadsheet, prints out, cuts it up into tiny pieces, snorts it


Inputting my 48 hour timer still throws up the “heads up, you about to jack this up” warning.


That’s one way to plan. :rofl:


Yeah i just fixed that lol


Nice, thanks!


Very minor update, showed warning for tower levels over 72, moved it up to 100


Thanks as always :raised_hands:t2:


Thank you! This planner is amazing, I love it!!! :star_struck:


mech deserves to be called forum’s WISDOM , he deserves it :muscle::v:


Not sure how other people use it, but would it make sense to add a

to the conditional formatting of the Start level section, so that placeholders don’t alert?


@mechengg First: thanks a lot for making this tool! Very useful to plan your event in advance. Now, I made my entries but for the castle buildings I did not get the timer requirements for breeding castle and for incubator.

Anything I am doing wrong?