Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)



My day starts and ends in Excel. I’m too lazy, stubborn, dumb and inpatient to bother learning the nuances of Google Sheets. :joy::joy:


I’ll see if I can find the formula that is on sheet 5 that is causing the issues. There are only a few syntax differences between Excel and gsheets and I’ve found at least 2 of them in the past haha


Mech, so just additional data in the data tab? Or player level or both?


Player tab is majority of info. Mostly all new over L300

Building tab was just the 5 den levels, 1 castle and 1 incubator level info’s


Cool thanks - thought I’d just add the data in rather than redoing all the tweaks to your sheet I’ve put in mine… :wink:


Your link points to a document still named 3.09.0. Is this right?


hi! I can’t find the link to download v3.09.1. please can you guide me? thanks


It’s on the very top of this topic. (Need to copy it before using)


thank you


I apologize If this was addressed earlier in the thread, but something is off about the jump from level 40-41 for the defensive towers. The last lumber cost was 913K from levels 39 to 40, but then decreases to 669K.

(Cells highlighted for clarity)


It’s due to the tier base scaling. You know how sapphire drags don’t cost 125k anymore? Same thing applies to buildings from 41-55:

Congrats on 41s!


Odd how that happens :sweat_smile:


Wow, I missed that (huge) nugget when they rolled out the progression scaling. :thinking:

Thanks for the clarification!


Hello! And good job. Please, when we can have a Number version (iOS)? Thanks


Google sheets work fine on iOS devices too, just install the google sheets app and you should be fine.


New updates for 3.10.0

  1. Added L80 towers
  2. Added L79 farms/mills
  3. Added L44 builder hut
  4. I think L76+ ice/fire turret wood cost doesn’t make sense, will probably be changed by PG shortly. I included the data as-is, but…


Hmmm… I’m trying to decide if I want to download the new version or keep the one I have :rofl::rofl: It’ll be a while before I need lvl 76 towers :sweat_smile:


V 3.10.1

  1. Mech was dumb and forgot to update a section update




SMH… I’m at a loss for words.