Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)


Shoot i totally forgot that we discussed changing it back to Excel functionality. I’m 99% sure that with changing the greater than and less than short hand sheet functions over to standard Excel code it will work in both scenarios (both in sheets and excel) so i will make that change for the next release for sure!

Thanks @MareZ for keeping me on track!

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@PGJared @PGDave is it possible to pin this?

@mechengg looks like you’ll have one more week to work on this before fort event :man_shrugging:t3:



Looks like I have time to implement a few of the easy changes listed above. I’ll try to prioritize which changes we want the most and set an evening aside for it :+1:



So it looks like we have the following items to implement. Let me know if there is anything else burning before fort event:

  1. Add Rider Construction %
  2. Excel formulas instead of G-sheets for multi platform use
  3. “End of Event” rows indicators which will allow for points/level to be calculated but not add to speedup count for the last building being constructed in that level sequence (aka if you are leveling from 40-50, it will count points from 40-50 but only speedups from 40-49)
  4. Flag system update including user inputs for all castle building levels. Use input conditions to more accurately determine leveling ability rather than just level. This will help people who are behind on their castle leveling, or those waiting on eggs.

That is my priority list for a release later this week/a few days before fort event goes live. First 3 are easily do-able, the 4th one will take quite a bit of additional work but i’m hopefully as i’ve developed a skeleton structure for it already.




  1. Complete

  2. Complete (to be tested externally, works for me)

  3. Complete. Wanted to know everybodies thoughts on formatting as such. I removed the “before research” speedup requirement because it’s never used

  1. Ongoing. Inputs section entered, new formatting for inputs to see if your input is bad (will turn red), if your input is optimal (green), or if your input has a recommendation (banner)




@pgjared can we pin this please?



@mechengg is there an updated link to the latest file? the link in the top post takes me to v 3.00.5 still



Won’t be released until it’s all done. Just keeping you guys up to date with the progress.

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Ok, got ya. Thought you wanted us to take a look and provide thoughts/comments.

  1. Looks good to me
  2. Can test when ready
  3. I think this will work well, indeed the pre research of speeds was useless
  4. Also looks good


Thanks for feedback. If you want to help test out excel functionality (and QC the other changes) let me know and i will PM you a download link this weekend for the new version once its up to my standards :slight_smile:



Completed the remainder of the items on the list
Sent out for peer reviews to multiple individuals

Preview below:

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Thank you for adding the max levels. I’m looking forward to trying it out :slight_smile:



Do you have a go fund me page? @mechengg



I do not have a go fund me page and to be honest i’m not really looking to start one.
I’d rather donate my time to helping the community rather than doing it for monetary gains.



Both Rovnic & MareZ found the same excel compatibility issue. MareZ #excelnerded it up and found the error and we are onto the final review



First Post Updated



Max lvls for Standard Towers/Flaks and Turrets/Builder is not working for some reason.



Did you remember to fill out the max builder hut level?



I have a problem with standard tower/turret flak and builder



Builder Max Level is not input (currently 1)

I need to put a flag for people to recognize this issue because it’s catching a lot of people. I’ll figure out how to implement it shortly along with updates for level 60 towers.



Two things:

  1. I hear through the grapevine that there are level 60 towers coming out, I hope either Amoeba or another source update their tower information sheets before the event. As SOON as they do, i will take the time out of my work schedule to get the planner updated for you all

  2. I am running into the exact same questions from multiple levels of users on the planner that the manual entry of the builder hut max level is not a good idea. i’ve already implemented another method of doing this which is more user intuitive and will be released at the same time as the tower upgrades above.