Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)


Thank you boss. I see what you meant now. :))



Thank you for this @mechengg ! It really helps!

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Maybe include a pic of said cells? Make sure the max builderhut level in cell E20 is filled in.

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I saw your post come through my email, did you get your issue sorted? If not you can PM me to discuss :slight_smile:



I missed filling builder hut before, and once it was filled it was updated.
Thank you very much for replying to my post. :slight_smile:
And Thanks to @Lutrus i realised before you saw my post.



For Finish Level, maybe conditional formatting for entering something above the max level? Typo monsters and such.

Edit: I suppose this might be confusing for people who are just starting to enter info, though >.>;

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Updated original post above. Big notes include:

  1. Added L60 Towers (thanks to an anonymous user’s date, if you don’t want to remain anonymous let me know and i will credit you fully)
  2. Automated Builder Hut Finish Level through a series of questions due to prior method not being very well thought out. This method should be a bit easier.
  3. Altered conditional formatting for builder input levels so it doesn’t go RED if you haven’t filled out the builder hut level yet
  4. Fixed row height issue when downloading into excel because nuffle was complaining :stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Player Level calculation was sequenced incorrectly. Amoeba table verified & correctly altered in document to reflect the actual XP required to level. Very minimal changes overall except in the lower levels or when starting a brand new account from level 0, it ended up showing 1 level too little. This is now fixed and brand new accounts appear 100% correctly (verified using mini account).


Amazing work!! I have been using the original planner from way back. This one is so much better. Appreciate all your hard work!

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Much Much better with Point No. 2. Thank you Thank you!!

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Thanks i was hoping this was easier and others can navigate it just like you :slight_smile:



This is amazing. Thank you so much for all the work that must have gone into this. This isn’t even close to a complaint, and it might just be my crap laptop, but since I figure you would want to know when I add individual towers and get to “end of event build” with the option of yes/no, I have to click it, then click off it, then click it again to get the drop down box.

Again it could just be my computer and even if it is I don’t care because this is so brilliant, I only brought it up since you asked before to let you know. I’m not really sure what that would be on your end, so probably my computer, but if not just an FYI.

BRILLIANT work here man this is awesome. Thank you.



That does sound quite strange. Are you using a google sheets or excel version of it? I just double checked it and it seems to be working OK on my end of things. Not sure what would cause that even but i can dig into it a bit more



Google, but if it’s all good on your end don’t worry about it brother. I felt like an ass even mentioning it lol, only did in case it was on your end I figured you would want to know. Thanks again man, this is fantastic.

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Fort should be coming up next weekend for the start of the new season. Get your planning done to make next weekend a breeze :sunglasses:



@mechengg, for your next version do you think you can include a feature to highlight what storage level is required to build max towers based on your base level - as max potential storage level doesn’t always = required storage level for max towers?



@mechengg Planner updated and ready, works perfectly by the way :wink:

@Grumpybigbird Funny I was thinking the same thing, I will most likely never max my storage and I usually have to look up the required storage level I need to max my towers :see_no_evil:



Hmmm. Would you be willing to add a cost calculator :nerd_face::see_no_evil:

Honestly though, a rubies/speeds calculator only. The 5900 rubies for 19(±) days one.

Awesome utility, use it often :slight_smile:



Yeah i definitely understand that this is the case and when you get into the mid 200s you start to not require new storage levels for some tower levels. I’m just thinking about how to implement this and i’ll have to get back to you on feasibility while keeping everything “simple” and easy to understand.

It almost seems like all of these recent changes (while fruitful) are adding to the complexity of the planner and pushing it right out of some people’s realm of even considering using. Almost makes me was to do an “easy” and an “advanced” tab, one to include very very minimal information and then the more advanced version can actually help with planning if you are trying to optimize designs and just barely reach cutoffs for tower levels etc.

Advanced users, sheesh. Always wanting the new best thing, can never be good enough for you :stuck_out_tongue:

AKA add a rubies row into the bottom of speedups and for every interval of 5900 rubies add 18.xx days to the speedups? Wouldn’t be too bad to do that…how hard is it to do the calculation yourself? Basically how many people actually use the rubies for speedups in the forge you think vs. would confuse people by putting ruby costs mixed in with speedups.



For myself, I just add a line to the speeds column for forge pack and its a simple calc of number of forge packs you want to buy times total time it gives you. Then add that total time formula to cell D8.



Definitely the way i’d go about adding it to the sheet, do a simple division by 5900, chop off the remainder, multiply it by 18.x and add it to the total cell. Just wanting to get a feel for if users would really find this handy or if it’s a small amount of users request :slight_smile: