Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)


So to understand the request:

  1. You enter info below

  2. the “Max” is limited by the lesser of your builder hut level or player level currently. You would like a “storage level” to be added as another condition

  3. The display banners would change between “Level <storage/builder/player level> to upgrade” or something like that?



Would a simple banner on storage be required to say “upgrade to X for the next level”?


Second one, just a note to say storage level X required for this tower level. That way you don’t need to check players storage. They can check themselves. Put the note in the tower banner though not the storage banner.


I’ll see what i can come up with


Where do you find the rider percentage of research you have? None of the research or buffs indicates a construction impact.


The defense rider has skills in his tree you can choose to obtain between the levels of 21 and 31. 1% per level for the first 5 levels and 1.4% per level for the next 5 levels


Thanks. I don’t have Atlas so guess I’m SOL on getting the defender rider.

But thanks very much for answering. I learn something new everyday here.


Spring season will have a defender rider you can look forward to!


I have decided to hold off on putting the new storage and farm levels into the file. Ran into a very busy weekend and week here so I can’t get everything done this go around.

Will update for next fort event folks :+1:


Don’t update until things are more right.


Better off waiting anyway given all this crap they’ve put out this so called update…


@mechengg I hacked together my own little notes on storage levels and player levels etc. PM me and I’ll send you my version of the planner.


Hey Mech,

Any chance of an update soon, with farms 50-60 etc. :slight_smile:
Thank you bro


Thank you for creating this planner. I live by it, it is amazing.


Your wish is my command. I’ll have it out before fort and will let you know.

Flags might not be in this update but I’ll see how ambitious I get lol


You da champ! Thank you! Gotta see if I want to go for 4 mil prize or lvl my farms before the fort :slight_smile:


I have some issues in updating when I change construction researches. Is it only me or is someone else facing that issue too?
To be precise, I made planner with red through green construction researches in YES. When I changed green to NO , it was not updated.


Press F9?


Its not working whatever i do. maybe my version is corrupted? i will try copying to new copy of fort planner and update again.


What is a fortification planner?