Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)


sorry no idea, what version are you using?


It’s in the name. A tool that helps plan your fort events.


i was using 3.02. I tried with updating 3.03 right now and its working fine. Maybe the version i had was corrupt ? No idea


It’s google sheets :man_facepalming:


Yes I gathered that but what does it do in detail?


I added a blurb up in the original post for you :slight_smile:


Perhaps. Things can get unintentionally changed sometimes when mucking around. I always download a new version for each event :+1:


Open it up and take a look? There are details included in the wb.


But what’s a planner? :thinking:


Also keep in mind that this is currently a work in progress. Not fully updated and released just yet


Oh. Is that why I can’t pu5 my details in?


you have to copy the sheet to your own drive before you start filling in.
Filling in on master copy may corrupt it hence its protected.


I made it so that you must make your own copy and download it. This is just the master template, you fill in your own stuff.

You also need a google account to download and work on it i believe


Looking for a few people in the <50 and >300 category to do some verifications for me. I split up the archer/cannon and the mage/storm/treb/lightning and want to ensure that the gates are correct on them. They get a bit funky at the super high and low levels


I used from 41 to 53 last event on my alt and it worked fine, if it helps.


what scale is the time with research expressed in? Days?

It seems low unless I screwed something up. To get my builder’s hut from 27 to 28 it’s saying “9.07”


Sounds about right TBH. Normally 11d8h or so, then research on it

Mine is 7.71 with my 12% perch rider construction cost deduct


Okay, cool, thought it took almost a month the last time I upgraded it. No rider perched here.


Builders hut is pretty quick. Not like storage.


Been waiting for my “extra” garnets so long, I clearly have forgotten. Old don’tcha know…