Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)


I can’t get it to work


PM me and i can try to help walk you through it


In lieu of dragon-manager having misplaced storage information for levels, does anybody know the ACTUAL level requirements for level 96-100 storage hut? Does it just stay capped at 360 or does it progress by 8’s still after that 360 mark?


@forScience is my hero :sunglasses:



Planner is updated as far as I’m concerned. If you have problems with the higher level towers please message me ASAP :+1:


Thanks for your hard work! This thing kicks ass


Damn you! Made me use my laptop!

But it was for a whole lot of awesomeness :+1::muscle:

I’m usually not a planner, ever. But your spreadsheet rocks and I couldn’t help but “cheating” to see what will put me at what level :rofl:

Thanks a million for this awesome resource!


@mechengg First of all many thanks for creating this. By now I’ve probably spent more time playing this spreadsheet than playing the actual game, it’s awesome.

I came across one thing that could be an improvement. Could towers that are flagged as “end of event construction” also be removed from the total XP count? Since you won’t actually get that xp until after the event. Probably not much of an issue for higher levels, but at my level I often have tuned my build plans to exactly hit a certain level to unlock a den, storage or builder upgrade, and this would make it a little easier.

A second request would be to allow start and finish level to be equal (resulting in 0 points/hours etc). I generally just add all the towers on my main island in the planner to play around with the levels, and if I leave the levels equal I also need to change the count to 0 to avoid still counting it. Not a major hassle, but I don’t think there’s a real down side to it either.


Hey Xexamedes,

I’m glad you enjoy it.

End of event construction check box vs XP has been brought up by one other individual as well, so this is something that could be implemented. It makes a lot of sense to not give the XP if you aren’t using the timers for it.

It’s something that could be easy to add in the coding, i can look into zeroing the data instead of just giving an error highlight. I know some people like to keep everything on the fort planner. So it’s something i’ll consider for a future version for sure.

They won’t be right away, just a fair warning. Probably when new tower levels are added or something because i have another update that i have been discussing with @Grumpybigbird that should go out at the same time and that will take a little while longer to get finalized.


I will get this updated after this fortification event, didn’t have time to do anything before hand.


V 3.04.0 Release

  1. Added L63 Towers
  2. Added L38 Builder Hut

As always thanks to @Sandberg for the updated info STAT and if you have any problems with the interface let me know. I did minimal updates so only basic testing (read: 4 entire minutes) was done on it to make sure all the values carried through.


I don’t even need to update my planner anymore till 3 more years i think :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thank you man! Was just about to bug you about it lol.


You will be caught up in 3 years? I wish i was this optimistic :grin::grin:


Bumpity bump bump


Hey @mechengg
Can you add the time for current builds into your next update?


Whaou :heart_eyes:
Absolutely fantastic. I programmed my next 3 fortification events (summerflare) on my 2 accounts. a huge thank you for this indispensable tool :+1:t2:


Hey Bud,

You know what Imma ask for :smiley:


I’ll honestly see what I can do about it as soon as I can. I haven’t been on a computer all week since last Friday since I’m building a deck but I may have a few hours around midnight Friday if I get finished :grinning:


Afternoon rained out on deck building, have it for y’all early