Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)


V3.05.1 Update
L13 Incubator & castle added


Little bug report.

Elemental flak level 64 adds Elemental Ember count. Level 64 only requires lumber, not embers.


Fixed TY!

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Reopened for lvl 70 towers :rofl:


That’s too far for most of us (especially me :joy::joy::joy:)
I hope I can survive next fort without building too many…


I’m still using v3.03 :rofl:


Make sure you update it when you hit L60+, there were two incorrect registry entries for flaks and ice turrets above that threshold that came out in 3.05.1/2 recently :grinning:


I generally like to start with a clean slate for each next fortification event, so I just grab a fresh copy then. I usually plan two events ahead, so I tend to be 8-12 weeks behind on the latest version.


Will do! My crystal ball says that won’t be for another 9 forts at least, so I have another 3 seasons or so before I need to change… :rofl:


That’s positive



First off thanks for updating this. I was working on on some scenarios today and noticed that the bottom section wasn’t calculating event points. It doesn’t look like it is incorporating requirements either.



Lemme check that really quickly
Doesn’t look like you entered the quantity into the qty column…


You have to put in Qty


@mechengg @SKADE

Skade’s correct. I screwed that up. Sorry for the ghost hunt. :see_no_evil:


I’ve spent A LOT of time with this spreadsheet and made the same mistake myself. Thanks @mechengg for such a great resource!


Have to say that column is a bit funny anyway, how many builder huts do you expect people to be updating? :grin:


It was originally in there for people to quickly upgrade 2 farms or 4 farms/mills at the same time instead of doing them all separately. :slight_smile:

I could get rid of it, but it’s not doing much harm right now to keep it :slight_smile:

It’s also nice to zero them off during the course of the event or when you are planning, rather than having to retype all the levels in.


Oh yes, I do actually use it for farms even, I just ment in the lower section.

Your point of zeroing them off I hadn’t though of. Probably mostly something that works at high level where towers are real expensive. I generally have at least 3+ levels to put on a tower, so can’t really flag it as “done” easily.