Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.10.1 (L80 towers)


Will try to get the planner updated to 3.06.0 as soon as Sandy posts up the L70 tower info :slightly_smiling_face:


Will let you know as the first :slight_smile:


Updated to 3.06.0

  1. Added L70 Towers
  2. Added L41 Builder Hut


Hey @mechengg I may be missing something, but—
According to your planner, there’s no maximum tower increase from level 36 to 37 (for mages, at least) despite the fact that my storage will be at 46. Dragon Manager says that you can up mages to level 37 with a level 46 storage. When I reset the XP to level to 0 instead of what it will be when I’m at 136 (planning ahead!) it says there’s an increase to 37. :thinking:
Edit: I spelled storage wrong in the picture. :man_facepalming: :t_rex:


I’ll take a look at that specific item tomorrow to see what’s up :slightly_smiling_face:


Updating gives us free speedups, right?


Someone said free speeds? :eyes:


This has been looked at and corrected :slight_smile:
Thanks for bringing it up


I am currently updating based on scaling.
PG still has to answer some questions about it so it will get released when I get detailed answers

So don’t try and download to use unless you want to start re-linking stuff by yourself :slight_smile:

Also taking this time to clean up a bunch of background stuff.
Also also adding designations for the different flaks since it’s been on my list for a while now.
Also also also, a pull down to turn on/off the tips in case people don’t like that section or don’t care to use it.


Alrighty i’ve gone through very extensive background updates to make it easier on myself in the future to do the updates :slight_smile:

Thus, I may have broken a thing or two in the process. I believe i’ve fixed all of the linking back to where it was prior, however i would really appreciate a few testers to download the in-progress build and try out different scenarios and try to break the thing.

Anybody up for the fun challenge who has a bit of gsheets/excel knowledge? :slight_smile:
Maybe specifically people who i’ve worked before who liked my last post here? @MareZ, @hellraptor, @Grumpybigbird, @OrcaFrost



Ahhh I am in no way an expert in sheets/excel so perhaps I am not the best one to consult :sweat_smile: :t_rex:


Always up to test some spreadsheets :joy:


Awesome, just use the link above and ignore the “do not use” warning lol


I had already manually created a plan for the next fortification with data taken from dragon-manager. Pretty much all my leveling is in the discounted tower range, and my points and level prognosis exactly match the new fort planner. So either it’s working fine, or we both made the same errors :joy:

Only bug I found is that it no longer shows the eggs needed for the next builder hut upgrades, but shows the level instead. Looks like a column shifted somewhere:


Oh and the pearls/embers/etc column doesn’t show a total at the bottom anymore. Not sure if that’s by design though, with the mixed resources it wasn’t really a useful number anyway.


Hehe fck i’ve updated those egg token columns so many times now since i keep adding/removing columns in the huge data table. I’m going to change it to the named range reference instead of hard cell code.

I purposely removed the added up shards/embers/pearls so that its not misleading anymore. It was never really useful, easier just to add up similar numbers :slight_smile:


is it usable now :smiley:


I’ll update the rev log and then put it out officially. So shortly :slight_smile:


Updates for 3.07.1

  1. Tower Level Scaling Added
  2. Major Data Array Clean-up
  3. Tips ON/OFF function


No issues found other than what’s been pointed out already mech. :+1:

Also just to point out the number to key in atlas rider construction bonus confused me as I kept trying to make it 12% instead of just keying in 12. Obviously worked it out eventually but… :man_facepalming: