Fortification Planner - Updated to V3.14.0 (Tier Based Discounting & L15 Castle/Incubator)

Welcome to the Fortification Planner Page

What is it used for?
This fortification planner is used to plan your upgrades for upcoming events. By inputting your current player information (level, XP, research & speedups) and upgrades you wish to do, it will tell you what level you will end up at, how many event points you will earn, and will double check if you have enough speedups to accomplish your goal.

You can adjust your building plans accordingly, up or down, add new towers or delete upgrades to fine tune how many event points you will earn, what level you want to hit, or limit the amount of speedups you use.
Updated August 22, 2019

Updates for 3.14.0

  1. Added L15 Castle/Incubator
  2. Third round of tier based discounting (up to L75) Added

Download Links Below
If previous versions are ever desired please PM me and i can send you the links


Absolutely fantastic work - I am certain this will come in handy for any dragon flyer out there.


Was waiting for this! Thank you for doing such an amazing job for the community :raised_hands:t3:


Thank you Mechengg this is awesome.


Too awesome @mechengg!


A wish come true. Thanks dad.


The usual MVP :slight_smile:


@mechengg thank you for the hard work and effort, planner looks great. Haven’t caught any bugs yet, but will let you know if something shows up :ok_hand:

One suggestion I have is to add an option to not count the timers needed for a build but count the points for cases where a player starts a build at the end of the event that they want to leave building without using speed ups.


It was on the previous list of “nice to haves” to add to the planner. I’m still trying to find a way to cleanly implement it for a future revision so “Yes” it will definitely be added to a later revision, just can’t confirm which one yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @mechengg!!

Would it be possible to add a column for max level for a selected tower based on the level of the Castle Island Buildings entered below?

If my Builder and/or Storage Unit aren’t max level, I need to refer back to Amoeba to determine the ‘Finish Level’ for any tower.

The Max Base Information is only based on level, which doesn’t apply if you don’t have enough sapphire eggs to level the Builder :sweat_smile:

Please and Thank You

Hey Atops,

Thanks for the reply with feedback!

To address your concerns the reason i initially created the “flag system” as such is that I do personally feel (and want to pass onto others) that it isn’t a good idea to over level compared to your roster strength. If you don’t have enough research eggs and you want to say upgrade your towers past level 41, you will run into a red flag and perhaps it will be an indicator that you need to slow your progress down until you get your builder hut leveled up a bit more.

That being said, i could possibly find another way to integrate these “flags” in a different way by requesting more user inputs (such as castle island levels) and comparing them to what the user currently has vs what they ideally should have for their level. It could work out even more in my favor by them seeing that they are X levels behind in storage and X levels behind in hut. Then i can make recommendations to hold off on leveling until your hut reaches certain tiers.

I will come up with a few different scenario’s for the next release (a few months away probably) and run them by my peers for their review and comments to see if they fit the overall theme of the planner and we can go from there :slight_smile:




@mechengg Thanks so much, much better version than my hacked and updated Gambrin attempt :relaxed:

Couple of requests:

  1. Could you add Rider discount: -12% construction time

  2. Any chance you can add a “RSS tab” where the user can enter the amount of ice/fire/ember/pearls?

  3. This is the big one - any chance of incorporating a visual tower selector like amoeba site, which then links to the tables of the excel sheet? Not even sure if this is possible.

  4. Separate dark flak and fire flak (like blue mage red mage)

Once again thanks for awesome tool

Thanks for the comments and feedback!

I wasn’t even aware there was a rider construction time discount. Is it additive like the other research times? Or could you get me a screenshot with/without for a few different tower levels and i can figure it out for myself?

Pearls/embers/shards are currently not separated (would have to put in different columns…so would expand the sheet) so i’m not sure that it would overall give much useful information AS IS. It isn’t too onerous currently to do the manual verification vs your game (just check the single line item) but i can certainly put it on the list of items to consider for next time. This one would probably require the most changes out of all the suggestions presented thus far.

Like instead of selecting “Archer” you would select a picture of an archer tower from the drop down menu? What benefit would that have? I think it would honestly be harder for the user to easily check which tower it is lol. All of the data is present in the bldgdata tab of the sheet if you look there and unhide the correct section. The Amoeba columns are all in grey with the custom edits in the white columns to the right of the copy/paste amoeba section.

As of right now there is no attack/defense data on the fire flaks in amoeba. They are all assumed to take the same amount of shards/wood/time to complete (unlike the perches which varies between 1-2-3 with costs and upgrade time. So if you have a dark flak and fire flak just use two elemental flaks. I can look into separating them once Ice Flaks come out and/or if the cost/time is different between the different elemental towers. As of right now i’d just be copy/pasting information.

Thanks again for your comments and i will log them and keep them in consideration :slight_smile:



Mmm. On tricky to do with and without since rider is bonded and perched but will see what i can manage.

I meant like the amoeba base layout planner. Eg combine that and the sheet.

Shards feedback -makes sense ( I’m just lazy :joy:)


Ok the first picture shows up to and including green research done. (20% time saving, 4x 5% additive)
Second picture shows 32% time savings so the rider bonus is additive.

This is huge, i will definitely add this in a shortly released revision. Good catch that i knew nothing about lol

EDIT: I’m going to make this a user input % if that is ok since i know there are 5 stages of the research so it won’t always be 12% i don’t think


Thanks @mechengg I am using an old version of fort planner. I usually add a formula to your sheet in order to maximize event points. Simply put, it is event points per 1 day speedup usage. Higher the rate, better the result. Same logic can be applied to total xp column.

For example, for row63 :

This can be helpful to all community, so i also want to share a ss with it.

Thanks for the reply.

However i absolutely despise that column and everything it stands for. You should be building your base for defense purposes and not to maximize points. Choose your layout properly, choose which towers are optimal to upgrade and the points are simply a by-product of what you get out of it.

So for that reason on principle alone i will never be adding it to the standard Fortification Planner. Feel free to add this to your own personal planner for your own purposes but i’m not going to have anything to do with this sorry. I hope you understand my position on this.


Thanks for the feedback. I am building my base for defence purposes of course, This ratio helps me a lot for the event when i am short on timers. It actually shows that building higher level towers is better than bunch of low level towers. If ratio is too low for a tower, it means build that tower at the end of event except for builder since farms and mills are great in fort event.

This is your planner @mechengg Do as you wish. :slight_smile:
Have a good day.

Too funny mechengg but I agree with u. Build for defence and points are by product :+1::joy::hugs:


For Excel users:
I don’t really use google sheets so I downloaded it as an Excel File and I was surprised that most of the code worked as intended for Fortification planning.

The only codes that don’t work in Excel is the Player Level Finish, the XP to Level Finish and all columns of the Base Information.
The only thing I was interested in was the Player Level Finish to know what level I will be after the event. So I simply edited P4 (hidden column) and only used the basic lookup function (the same code which is used in the old Fort Planner). Works perfectly fine for Excel now :slight_smile:

Most functions work in Excel too.

@mechengg Thanks for keeping this very useful tool up to date!