Fortification Planning


Since next is fort (most likely), I’d start planning for it.

Should I push for more, or should I wait?


How do you compare on Red’s Dragon check-in?


2 level 14 Legendary Sapphire, and halfway to Apo.
I mean, not only for the event, but also for season point progress


Well, if you are going after the half price drag, now’s time to push, I think after this event the 50% discount is over.


I’m not. Just aiming for one non-discount legendary, and 2 riders


Then it’s probably just a matter of personal preference


Wait until you have more than 0 clocks :joy:

On a serious note, if you’re trying to get as many sigils as possible, it might be better to stop at the 720k prize tier and keep hoarding clocks until you can make the push for the 4mil prize tier for additional sigils.

Or does your team depend on you to unlock the final team achievement? Then of course the 1mil prize tier makes more sense.

Just trying to understand your motivation :slight_smile:


I blame Atlas for it :rofl::rofl::rofl:

:thinking: I guess 4 farm upgrades and nothing else then.

This is less likely :sweat_smile:



Getting the final team achievement is better than the next two individual prizes combined (for sigils).

So, you should always try to get that if you are going for maximum seasonal progress.


What are your goals Orca? To uncap dragons, reach a certain level? List all your goals and we can try to meet them all. :hugs:


Maximizing sigil prize for the whole season without getting too overleveled.

I doubt I can finish Chompa next breeding, so I think not reaching den cap is fine for this event.


If your team can get 40 players with 1M points just go for the 1M mark for the 1200 sigil prize.

If not, stop at the 450 sigil prize and hoard clocks


You’re on the competitive end of Red’s check-in and will need your base leveled soon.

If you’re wanting to stop at the 450 sigil … consider removing the farms until you are barely above the prize tier. Let your storage and storm be your last builds and let them finish naturally to save on timers.

I only level my farms during forts and use them as fillers to reach my target prize tier. They’re an excellent source of points with low time cost.

Hope this helps a lil bit. :hugs:


What is this “over leveled” you speak of?

Really? What makes you feel like you are even close to being over leveled? You don’t need to be at the minimum possible level to obtain a dragon. Imo, holding back your level actually hurts you in the minor events. You’re not even close to the max level for consumable pack sizes yet. So, that’s points, and potentially sigils, that you’re passing up.

And exp scales very high now. So, why stay lower? Because you want to solo max xp bases? Can you solo your invader? Then you are fine.

Why are you flying solo? You get more XP if a teammate flies with you. And so do they if you fly with them.

The solo mentality is what holds many teams back. People think the game is a single player game, and it was, a very long time ago. But all the best rewards are for those teams who work together in a substantial way. More XP, more gold. More speedups. More sigils. It all goes back to being in a team that works together.

Don’t take my word for it. Look at the prizes for yourself. The team prizes are so much better.

All that to say… You’re worried about raising your level too quickly because a check in that was made back when things capped much lower and before invader was widely available says you’re too high? Maybe you have other reasons, but if this is your main one, that is just one personal opinion. And here is another personal opinion: Try it and see what happens. You may find you’ve been hurting your overall progress.

Or you may find that I’m crazy.

But what have you got to lose? Maybe a week or two where you “need” someone to follow you? There are worse things in life than having to work with a teammate.


Agree. Tbh I’ve never put much stock in the check in. It holds you back for sure.

I just make sure I pace my base level with my breeding. So I aim to just reach the level where my towers are capped by hut eggs, then the breeding event after that is when I get the hut eggs I need, then the base levelling can continue. That’s the key - balanced levelling. Not trying to den cap your dragons at the earliest possible stage.


Yes that’s what I meant to say :sweat_smile:. I guess mech explained it a little better:


Solo xp run (my recent case is invader)
At my level, invader has become moderate difficulty with quetz (I can’t clear it with more than 50% health remaining.)

Newborn Sapphire legendary will be much weaker than breedable Leg. Plat. Therefore, soloing invader will become harder.

Also holds true for later tiered dragons.


im over level, 170 with only 1 garnet here while I should have 2. Still, I need sigil for discount rider so I gotta reach a certain point in event


I’ve stopped holding myself back. It wasn’t fun. Besides, I know several players that are 200+ and are still in sapphire. They’re doing fine…
I’m 163 and will get Jul next breeding, but I’ll probably go up to 175 this fort.


my raiding is much more painful if I have low level but higher dragon, as well as atlas count level now