Fortification Planning


Being overleveled is an issue, especially during build and feed events since you get fewer loot for hitting below your level.

See what I did there? :relieved:


Who says you “should”?

That’s what I am questioning. Why do players belive they should be in a certain tier simply because it is possible?

@OrcaFrost Ofc a new baby dragon cannot solo. Why would you expect this to be normal? That is a silly expectation. I say what I did before - - working as a team has the greatest benefit for everyone on the team.

And why only breedable? Are you burning through tiers so quickly that taking them past breedable is unwise? Sure, focus on your main dragons, but if you’re breeding sapphire legendary, you should be getting them to breedable in a few days (or you can’t because your level is too low). So, those platinum dragons are still quite useful. At breedable they have what, half their power? And you can finish invader with half your HP still. If you finished it, then you got full XP and gold. I’m unsure why how much HP you have remaining (unless it is zero) is even a measure.

I’m not meaning to sound like I’m getting on any one specifically. I’m opposing the idea of over leveled (to a degree). As long as you can solo your invader with one dragon and have one teammate who can help you with any other dragon, how are helping yourself to hold back? (This is a general “you” directed to everyone). And when you get further in the game, if you have a very strong base, most teams will gladly have the defensive bulwark over super powerful dragons… They can help you get the dragons. Helping you with a base… Not so much.


So I’ve got a question about investing building resources. I made a dark flak before electro flak came out. With all these dragons running around with dark flak resist, should I continue upgrading the dark flak? What tower should I pair it with? I was thinking about making a fire flak but I’ve also heard that ice flak + electro flak is very good, in which case I would need to drop the dark flak. Help ya boi.


I see I’m battling months (maybe years) of standardized thinking.

Fine. Breed dragons you cannot level. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hold your base back. Save your timers for months. Or not since you’re spending them all in atlas now. One day if you keep playing, you will remember this. And hopefully, you’ll here my avatar say “I told you so.”

The important thing in a game is to have fun. So, whatever you do, be sure you’re enjoying it.


This is subjective :slightly_smiling_face:


This has been asked many times.

The best combinations are very expensive.

In general, I’d say DF and FF is the “best” combination that most players can afford with just elite and activity.


Dude, I don’t do Atlas :sunglasses:

I enjoy being able to loot the biggers during minors. Feeling helpless and needy does not equal fun for me. So yeah, I’m holding myself back intentionally and only leveling because the dragons are forcing me to do so. Else I’d just hang at my current level and chillax.


Even in looting, it is better to have a teammate or two. You can steal more. Also the lowest level can lead and then everyone gets more, up to a total possible theft of 60% of the vulnerable resources in a single attack.

So, we’re back to teams that work together have the greatest benefit. :slight_smile:

And so few players who are not in the tops teams understand this.


Also, avoiding atlas is rather silly.

Before I quit, I got more tokens per day from atlas than from my league bonuses. Although, I did always take the timers.


I play the game for fun, not drama. Atlas = drama. :face_with_monocle:


But I do my most efficient looting while the Americans are asleep. Most times no one on my team is on.


Only if you’re team allows it to be that way. But maybe your team can’t handle it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tease. I have no idea what team you are on. I personally found atlas a much more enjoyable game.


Much appreciated, thank you. Could you also explain this to me? I’m in a similar boat to Orca here where I’m level 114 and breeding Legendary Sapphires so I’d like some more info.

What general level range would be appropriate for someone breeding Legendary Sapphires? I’m seeing the problems where it takes a TON of xp runs to level a baby at my level, thus stunting my breeding progress sometimes. However, we are still waiting for PG to update us about the breeding discount. I’m not sure I want to rush through my breeding quite yet.

At what point does this currently happen? If I’m gonna get packs from chests I want them to be good ones :rofl:


We’ll agree to disagree on this point. You’re making no sense today. :roll_eyes:


How does Atlas equal drama? i thought it equaled gear, riders and timers…


If my rusty memory is right, pack size maxes at 184 (maybe 187)… 180-something. :slight_smile:

And since xp keeps scaling to very high levels now, the higher your level, the more quickly you can get your dragons to higher levels.

I don’t want to give a level range. If your best dragon can’t finish invader, you are probably behind on breeding. So, the better you are with a dragon, the higher you can level, which then opens up better dragons. And by finish invader I mean kill enough invader to get full xp, even if you die.

@Sam I’m not making sense? Hmm. Maybe I’m just offering an alternative perspective.


I did Atlas with CHESTbase, while it was still in XPfarmsLooseX1. It was fun at first until someone parked at our castle. Dealing with that stuff ain’t my cup.

@SavageAFforPG, if XPfarmsLooseX1 can’t be left in peace in Atlas … why should I expect my team to be? :woman_shrugging:


Thanks Savage.

Earlier I just tried getting higher tier as fast as possible (no ruby grinding though).
Prior to Atlas, I used xp bases to train my dragons. As my level grow higher, the last xp base becomes less effective, while higher xp bases are too strong (for some dragons. Dragons such as Chtho and Kelvin has their own xp base. ). I’m just worried if invader becomes too strong for such run (by newborn, I mean after getting their first spell).

Even higher level gives poor rss during feed :persevere:


I suppose if the game is renamed Peace Dragons, then you have a case.

War Dragons Gameplay?

Its a war game, why would anymore be left alone in Atlas? isn’t battling for land the whole point?

War Dragons Gameplay?