Fortification Planning


Got my name back^^^^^. YES!:grin:


Are we playing the same game?


Yeah that is what you are thinking of :slight_smile:


Difficult to push- almost no inner flames, and very little sigils. Very greedy… i m not really believe that i ll can open fully even discount dragon


It’s level 300.
But in the mean time i can hoard eggs, spend some on completing research items that i want, and be all set with several harb eggs ready to go. It will also give me a few months to expert all of my current dragons while I level up, since i only have 3 more to go in total that i have queue’d up in the incubator.

The biggest benefit to this is that i’m not going to be capped at L56 towers :wink:
Doing the Lokan breed (plus 32k more eggs) will net me all 12 obsidian eggs i need so that i can keep having max level towers for my player level. Having two L60 towers by L242 is something that not a lot of folks can say they have, and the fact that one of them will be my storm tower means that I can keep my base alive for a very long time against most invaders.


It took 2 years for me to get to 166. So the game should be fixed or gone in two years … so no worries :sunglasses:


Hahahahahaha, you assume too much.


Define “fixed”…

There will be different bugs and I suspect some of the oldie but goodies.

Take the good, leave the bad, no worries…


They fix all the issues that (potentially) cost them money.


Atlas, I agree wholeheartly, but you know my story so can understand why I’m not to enthusiastic anymore. Now, no Castle, living in SafeZone, use mine and invaders to gain XP, and make a few random raids to get some GP. No Drama, and easy protection from an unscrupulous team(s).

Some teams say, "Level it up, we need stronger bases, we’ll back your dragons (which may barely be approximately equal to unboosted base power as a general guideline after that leveling), however that can come back to bite you when you don’t always have someone on your team available when you’re online that can finish the XP base without almost scheduling in advance.

The most important thing that you said that I do agree with is to do what makes you the most comfortable and can have the most fun. There is some satisfaction in being able to come back and revenge a player 50-100 levels above you, also, one thing I’ve learned, unless you are endgame, pretty much every base is defeatable, especially with certain devines and a few lineage dragons. Me, I maximize the levels on my base island, and increase my towers levels when I need to. I’ve got plenty of lumber paks, a bit less on the shards with the crystal shards being the fewest.

Thus, my philosophy is dragon priority, then base as having done the other approach I found less fun.


I suppose every team in different. My team was fairly global, so I didn’t have an issue having a backer no matter what time I was on.

As you said, you enjoyed pushing your dragons to the limit (level wise), so you should do that. I enjoyed the progression allowed by being “over leveled” for most of the time I played.


Like I said Mech, patience of Job. You are a true Rulithian. I wish I had it, but alas, I do not…


you shouldn’t stop levelling imo. I am in same situation as you, 133 breeding Hau next breed ( have Iteru and Scorchil, Sekhem ) and i am going to hit legendary glyph/ 2.5M target most likely. whatever level it takes me :see_no_evil: most likely 155-158.
about 339 -350 days of speedups needed


What if it’s a legendary storm frenzy glyph? Still shooting for it?


i’ll have to think. it would change to 1.5M or 2.5M then :roll_eyes:


I was just curious about your motivation.


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Damn dude that was a novel you just deleted, i hope you did just so you could release the 2nd half of it as a sequel


I opened a new topic in General discussion under gameplay and put it there. Didn’t belong here. I just lost it…


I’m with @SavageAFforPG here on the concept of overlevelling. As long as even one of your dragons can do invader solo unboosted, you’re not overlevelled. Your team can help you with the others.

IMO overlevelled is when your base level outstrips your breeding. That is, you have too many capped towers and your hut hadn’t caught up to uncap your towers. If you have more than 5 capped towers and you’re below 250, you’ve overlevelled.