Fortification Planning


Damn that basically means there is no hope left for me


I’ve always had the opinion that your builder’s hut should determine your level. If you are building a proper short base, your primary 5 towers should be capped. Then the next 5 should be close depending on how you are building. People that are “overleveled” are the result of building out a monstrous base and generating excess EXP. We’ve all seen those level 300s with full bases and their highest tower is a level 50. As long as you are building and leveling the correct towers, you shouldn’t have to hold yourself back. Your builder’s hut should do that for you.


Sorry to hijack your thread, Orca, but I don’t want to make a new one for a small, tangentially related question :frowning:

I’m the…somewhat proud owner of a level 28 dark flak and level 29 electro flak- I can take one to 31, and the other to 30. Which one would be a better choice? Or should I drop one in favour of a fire flak? It seems useful, although this really wouldn’t be ideal for me :confused:

Also, agreed with MareZ, 720k prize seems the most efficient thing to shoot for!


With today’s devine dragons, I believe if you cannot take down another well designed base of your same level +/-1 level while being defended with 3 dragons, you’re overleveled.


I’m with Luffy. The patience of Job is overrated. Curse God and level. I’ve been leveling aggressively every fort event since I was a wee lad of level 23, and I barely hit the den level to allow my divines to hit garnet evolution. Main reasons to slow down leveling, assuming you listened to Coach or Mech and built a short, strong base:

1.) You’ve plotted out your build rate against your breed rate, and you think you won’t get eggs for your builder hut upgrade by the time your five towers get hut-capped.

2.) You’re one of the lower levels on your team, and you want to be mistaken for a decoy in wars.

3.) You have unexpectedly good gear, and it brings you joy to adorn the walls of your base with the skulls of higher tier Atlas attack dragons who underestimated you.

4.) You are nearing a glory cliff, beyond which you will be exposed to attacks from a dramatically stronger tier. (Harbinger being the only real case of this.) Kind of dubious because plenty of people are willing to whack you at a glory penalty.

Otherwise, leveling’s pretty cool. More XP, more storage, more levels on your divines; what’s not to love?


Well, I don’t mean that this thread is specific to my problem. Rather, for everyone’s fort planning :wink:


I love not wasting all my timers keeping my storage hut up to date for my player level :joy: I’ve typically used that as a guide in determining where to stop leveling wise.


That’s one way to measure it… But how does that work if you’re not keeping the storage fully upgraded?


My storage hut is maxed out for my level though. I’ve heard enough cautionary tales about people shooting themselves in the foot for not staying on top of that. I found what works for me. Everyone else needs to figure out their own system :woman_shrugging:

I’m on a rss budget as an E2P player. Need to balance this fort’s goals vs the next one and the next one… I’d be shooting myself in the foot if I spent all my timers in one go and was unable to particpate in future fort events.


Indeed. Maximize the sigils per timer.


My one guiding principle is “Build as much as you breed.” If you foresee that you can’t breed the next tier or mythics of that tier, be conservative in upgrading. If you think you can also aggressively breed, then by all means also do some aggressive building.

There was one Fort (end of Winter) where I jumped from level 150 to level 212. I maxed that Fort with 8.5m points and got a mythic rage glyph. But I did almost finish 1 Lineage tier per Breeding event so I caught up and I didn’t have trouble with exp runs. We didn’t have Atlas then so SaLang and Andy were the way go to. Again, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help doing runs but you can always get creative with running dragons for exp.

There’s a huge jump in level requirement to breed Obsidian vs. Harbringer, the latter needs you to be 300. I did not want to have nothing to breed from 200 to 300 so I used those levels to cross Garnet to now where I am at 288 and have enough eggs for Rhyo and Lokan. And I still am not sure if I have enough timers to get me to 300 as I significantly cut my spending.

Again, just build as much as you can breed. :slight_smile:


I am close to Lokan at 244 and even if I use all 2,000 days of timer I have been hoarding, I will only get to 280 or so.

Guess I will stop at 260 and the 2.4 million prize of 500 sigils.


Builds 1 building at the start of fort event and lets it run til next event


Best for storage huts, breeding castles, and perhaps incubators… Not so good for your main attack towers :sweat_smile:


Nah, blue mages. In fact, no one should ever use speedups on blue mages. And keep them upgrading constantly :eyes:







That would quite literally do that, assuming you hit the first prize.


Should be pretty much any tower over L10 :smiley:
could be exceptions, didn’t check everything



Playing the long game.