Fortification Planning




I got to level 173 this fort, with a strong, not long base. Check it out!
I’ll have Renard and Iteru next breeding. Not great, but not too bad, about the middle of Red’s check in.
What ya think? Just upgrade storage until I can breed Icicle for the builders hut garnet eggs?
I would be happy to get to emerald by 200…


I’ll go check er out :slight_smile:



Were you overleveled at one point and just stored a whole bunch of towers to get the short base setup? At L173 with two L40 towers, then the rest below L36, its really not that strong of a base setup. Work on only one or two towers, you will need to leave some behind, you can’t keep leveling everything up evenly or you will fall even further behind.


Yep, I’ve got a bunch of cannons and other garbage in storage. I do have a decent fire flak, and several high mages in storage, for when I expand out. What do I need to work on?


Storm, blue mage, and 1 damage tower.
Max those and keep em maxed. No other towers will probably be able to be upgraded until you cap out your hut with emerald eggs


Feeling pretty good about my base after this fortification event

Got a decent amount of eggs for next breeding as well


Just wondering why you’d stick a totem out at the end. If your intent was to make the flight longer for atlas battles, that’s one thing, but if you were intending to make fire type dragons weaker (less attack power) then having the totem on island 8 totally defeats the purpose.


I’m betting connection issues as the reason for the totem


Bagged my first harbinger today. :smiley:

(Keeping the farms low in case I need event points before Icicle. I’m aware that this is usually stupid, but realistically, anything that makes it past my kill island is likely to be emerald mythic+ and can deal with any farms I could build. A good platinum flyer could probably take me out defended, but there are a lot fewer of those than there are bad flyers with obsidians. For good or for ill, my setup’s committed to killing rather than surviving.)


Your base looks awesome (and much better than mine!) Wish I knew what I was doing when I started :joy: At least I have awesome dragons for my level lol.


Connectivity and atlas. It makes sure that I have time to do all the super shots


That does make sense lol. I tend to get into defense invites fairly quickly since I’m on an iPad Pro.


Here’s where I ended up. Kill island maxed (for my level) and storage upgrading. Wish I had enough embers to sustain leveling a second flak to replace my Ice Turret but I really don’t think I do. Any feedback? :t_rex:


I’m in the same boat with the embers but at least I have one tower that dominates :joy:


Yup. I’m tempted to save my golds for Fortification to get more Embers, but idk if I want to sacrifice PvP items from them. There’s always bronze chests though I guess :thinking: :t_rex:


I actually have used golds for fortification. In the season I aim for one dragon and rider (might be two dragons this season due to Portia) and egg boost. But I open on fortification because it will help with the game long term. I’m also on a team where I can realistically get those sigils with a moderate amount of effort for my level


Here’s where I’m at @173. Length is Atlas dependent.
I’m going to work on storage, and my kill island’s blue mage, storm, and 1 defense until I get emerald hut eggs, because they should be higher (44?)
@Tinsir My lvl 44 mills really help, you should definitely upgrade.
I had a red mage in my mills for EOA spells, but replaced with ice turret, because of damage.
@hellraptor Your base looks awesome
I’ll be in Garnet next breeding.

Any Thoughts & Input is appreciated!


Some reflection on @Tinsir’s base: Really, anything that makes it past his kill will probably kill him anyway. Not much does, though. (His base is almost always defended) I don’t see the point in arbitrarily increasing farm levels when you’re looking at them potentially facing emeralds or obsidians, or even worse, harbingers. Would make sense if you’re trying to keep flyers of the same tier from five flaming, though.

@hellraptor : controversial opinion: fire turret would be more useful than ice turret on your kill.

@Roozoo : doubtful of the benefit of having so many slowdown towers. In view of your rage drain arrangement, perhaps you could take the middle tower and use it as a slowdown tower in front of your base instead? edit: also, I once hit a 5-tower entrap on a kill with a storm as the middle tower. Occasionally, it’s not surprising for me to hit 4-tower entraps on the same set-up as well. You probably would know how well your set-up works out, though.


Hmm. I find the choice to keep farms and mills less than capped interesting. You say you’re saving them for points. So, you’ll save them for another month?

That seems like a long time imo.