Fortification Planning


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That’s a lot of Ember to keep up with 3 flaks :astonished:

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:scream: When did you quit Reeds?


Is…that a bad thing? I’m saving my levels for when I encounter a fort I actually want to do well in :stuck_out_tongue:

@Orcafrost : Unfortunately, he got a better offer than what poor Reeds could offer :"(


He got a better offer than being the leader?

For shame.


Aren’t the rewards the same?

And don’t you do better in Fort and feeding if you have higher level rss buildings?


A player joined, wanting the leader position off the bat. He was so good Tinsir immediately ceded his throne to him, and absconded with half his team :man_shrugging:

As in, in a season where I actually want to start hitting bigger prizes. I’ve been able to hit 465k without levelling my farms too much, and maxing my kill island. I would have been able to hit 720k without touching my farms at all this event, as well, but I’m sort of sitting out fort and breeding this cycle.

As for the resources…meh. I like attacking big people for their big resource pools anyway. Oh, maybe because I’m still small enough that farming resources isn’t too painful yet?


I hope you went with him.

And who joins wanting to be leader? That’s crazy. :joy:

Anyway… Do what you have found successful. I’ve always kept resource buildings max. But I’ve never saved for a season either. I was either a spender and got what I wanted or I was done spending and I didn’t really care. :man_shrugging:


I actually did have it there for a while, but swapping it for the Ice Turret has yielded more success for me overall. The added shield is useful, and IMO the FT’s attack is just too slow. :man_shrugging: :t_rex:


off topic: Tinsir joined his new team, wanting to be leader as well :man_cartwheeling:

on topic: ehhh, I’ll see how. I’ll post my base here later and you can pick it apart as well.


How do ya get enough Embers to sustain leveling more than one Flak?? :t_rex:


I think it’s hilarious players place a tower or totem at the begining it is only useful for the last few minutes of a pvp and with Mega coins kind of worthless anyway, plus it’s a great rage builder for the 1st or 2nd attacker (if backup for war run).


I have a set of two mage out on 8.

Very useful for buying some extra time in atlas.


Extra time for what?


So it takes your enemies longer to beat your base while you’re trying to beat theirs.


What Liz said.

Time is very important in atlas attacks.


Oh, yeah. Forgot about that. I don’t have that problem anymore just hitting poachers or the mine or leaving my
prim on a castle so I can get some gp.:grinning:


The more annoying proble is when your team is doing a joint glory run and you keep not getting any glory because your team mates keep beating the enemy bases and prims before you can finish your attacks :see_no_evil:


Hey guys, what’s going on in this


Ok, off topic:

Kate’s hilarious and is messing with all of you. :joy: I shall attempt to extrikate the team reputation:

We had a merge with an ex-S1 team; said team has been in Atlas since November, so they had a few billion gold more infrastructure than we did. PG’s current infrastructure ownership ruleset only works if no one ever leaves their team or does merges, ever; i.e., since the governor-based castle ownership system was ended, there has been no way to move infrastructure off a team, at all. Dozens of support tickets were raised by the merging team saying “hey this is incredibly messed up and terrible, why are you like this?”, no dice. It’s cool that true merges are now impossible, PG; good thing the player base is really really happy right now, so there are no problems with midlevel teams’ membership whatsoever or associated need for teams to merge. :expressionless:

Anyway, after a week and half of that, we had a talk and decided that we’d be happy to do a name swap in exchange for savings 3-6 months of team income. The entire team moved over; no one got cut; I stayed leader, officers stayed officers, members stayed members; allies stayed allies. It was one of those rare, bizarre situations where no one screws anyone and almost everything just works. I turned in my pharaoh’s mantle and became either an archangel or archdemon. (Zero points awarded for guessing which.) Lore-wise, we all passed through the Field of Reeds (the Egyptian afterlife) and ascended into becoming powerful spirits.

The Sphinx we named after you was temporarily depetrified and will be set down at a castle soon, Savage. It’s currently hanging out in the capital and munching on unwelcome guests. Ragnar’s Rock was carried over to a new castle. We’re carrying around parts of the Egyptian theme and the associated tendency to build monuments to legendary figures who were part of our story. :wink:

On topic:

I started building my fire flak right before electros were released. I decided electros were better for me and have put the fire flak on indefinite hold. It stung to lose the embers, but I think it was the right call for me. My harbinger skull and massive pile of obsidian skulls agree, etc. Maybe I’ll regret the decision down the line, but the uncertainty makes it kind of fun. (Until the regret sets in, anyway!)

I’ve been saving them since my platinum builder’s hut upgrade. :man_shrugging: If there’s a legendary rage glyph during a fort event, I want to be able to go after it without deviating from my core five towers. Also, this is both my first mythic season and the season where I fight the garnet wall, so consistent performance is something I want to plan for. Still elite-only. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I use this cool system where people on other teams build higher level resource buildings for me; it’s very accommodating.


It’s really cool that you even came up with the lore surrounding the reason for the name change for your team (or rather the fact that the entire team has swapped places with a different team) :heart_eyes: And given the lawful good breeding path you’ve advocated, you’re clearly an ascended archangel :kissing_heart:


D: If you think he’s an angel, you’ve never seen the brutal smiting of all the people he deems unlawful-good in Aligane.


Well, I’m pretty sure archangels are wonderful yet terrible (as in “causing or likely to cause terror”) creatures. Given how powerful they are and their penchant to smite the unholy with their divine powers… archangles really aren’t the sweet and innocent kinds of angels :laughing: