Fortification Planning


Would appreciate thoughts on flak positioning and farm positioning, probably. I find it much easier to dodge flak shots when the blue is in the back, and I also see a lot of axii (axis?) on my base :confused: Unsure if it’s a good direction to go, though.

Farm positioning- would the positioning in image 1 keep a solo attacker from 5-flaming?

(please forgive the full-sorc divine roster D: )


Looks like I need to pay the new empire a visit :eyes:


Depending on what you mean, we’ll be pleased to offer you either a castle named in your honor, or six feet of its grounds. :wink:


Castle named in honor. :smiley: I’m fairly sure it can be beaten with a platinum Fomhar. (That’s, uh, not a challenge; it’s just that I have alts with those, and they run similar bases. People who actually attack me tend to be a lot worse at flying.)


You don’t give your base enough credit. I don’t think a plat Fom can do it defended. Sapphire maybe with a good rider.

Make that change I suggested and force the flyer to be perfect. :+1:


I love my maxed farms personally.


I saved those upgrade next fort :sweat_smile:


In what sort of situations did you need them? I’m unsure if it’s a necessary step for me to take, especially as I’m not very hungry for event points. I do find they make it harder to five flame on strong bases, though.


They are the toughest buildings on my base and I need their output for feed and fort to augment raiding.

Without farms they only kill 60% of my base. Only surprises once or twice in a war though, but if you hammer spam them, they are tough to beat


Fair- but how big are you? Pretty sure any well-flown gold/plat/saph/garnet/emerald dragon would take me out pretty easily.


Didn’t used to be big but always kept them maxed and used that as a tool not to over level. Got too big for my liking this event as now 268 but I should be breeding Harbs this week and still won’t be able to incubate. Need 300 for that.

edit: 4 million points but low on timers and I need to speed eggs.


I’M FREE. YES. We’re back lads.


I made the change, but I’m skeptical of it. It’ll make things harder for Grumpy+ flyers, but I’m worried that it’ll make things easier for higher tier terrible flyers who will have an easier time hitting the storm tower as their fingers beat randomly on the screen. (One of these groups is much better represented than the other, among people who attack me. :wink: ) Guess we’ll see!

It starts to scale pretty well in favor of the farms around building level 41-45 and generally continues to be that way. Gear+shields+hammers on 45s can stop things that crack through 45 towers, forcing the use of another dragon.


Can you post your current setup? I have went through a simillar setup in Atlas with all 41 level towers in the kill island and I couldnt go through it. Im trying to mimic that setup now. Rage drain in the long one (and a few fire turret because I have and I feel pity to remove it) and I will focus on upgrading the kill island as far as I can from now on. Obviously I did stupid mistakes in the past like everyone


Sure, it’s here, from earlier in the thread. Grumpy’s change is to swap the storm and the electro. His change is good versus capable Fomhar/Pathox people; however, Grumpy is the only one of those who’s ever tried my base, and the gap between him and the second best attacker is large. After getting attacked by some number of higher-level bad flyers, I decided to switch back to storm at back. Seriously, most of them struggle with locating it, if it’s back there.

There are two power sources that might not be obvious from the pic:

1.) I have exceptionally good gear for an elite-only Atlas newcomer. (Perch at +58% hp, +62% attack)

2.) My Atlas defenses usually have two defenders who are in perfect sync with each other and know the base as well as I do. :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes they screw up, because I’m usually attacking at the same time, but their timings are generally pretty good.

3.) Lastly, it’s early in the week and this will absolutely not last, but did you know that having people see your level and mistake you for easy prey is one of the more effective ways to boost your Atlas body count? (Because attacking caps out at 2x combat multipliers, but defending allows you to get up to 10x…)


I’m guessing this is why you’ve been dubbed the alt father in other forum threads :joy:


Man… He has slaves defending him too.

No wonder they don’t get in as many kills.


Ok this is mine now, trying to make it shorter. The idea behind the fire turrents in the middle long island is that the attacker wastes some seconds on them and then give more time for the mages SS. That and also that I didn’t wanted to store them :slight_smile:. They are two, I don’t know why the screenshot only took 1

Edit: I’m level 165


Your mages on your drain island are in the wrong position. And there shouldn’t be non mage towers on the drain island.
I would suggest moving the farms to the back so the dragon doesn’t have breathing room if he makes it past your short. I think 39 towers are good for your level, would suggest leveling blue and storm up as those are the crux of your short island.


x2 :slightly_smiling_face: