Fortification prize tier screenshots

Hi Ya’ll,

Can someone post the fortification event prize tiers? I’m trying to plan for the next event but my notes show 7.2k and 1.2m tiers adjacent to each other. That’s a big jump so I wanted to make sure. Thanks in advance. :rose:

Is this what you needed to know?


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Yes. Thank you! :hugs:

Here are some of the bonus tiers

Wow, that’s crazy high … :frowning:

I only focus on sigils, but this was in my notes. You can see why I stopped where I did.


Wow. Those bonus tiers are very high and hidden. So, I had no idea. Thanks for sharing that info.

For a non spenser its better to safe all stuff from event to event and aim the 450 sigil prize.
All above is too heavy otherwise and less prizes for much effort.


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