Fortification Prizes

So individual prize rankings (shown below) indicate at LEAST 1000 players surpassed the top prize mark on this event.

It’s long passed time for the Prizes in fort event to be extended beyond the current bonus tiers.

On a similar topic, troop event and all other atlas events need additional bonus tiers in the rewards as well.


You have a lot of notifications in your Armory.


the chests get whiny, it’s fine to ignore them.

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I’d just be happy if there was a sigil prize between 740k points and 2.4m. It’s the second largest gap between points and sigil points at least Up until 6m points and there’s 3 sigil prizes up to that point. There should be a sigil prize at 1.5 mil.

I would like to hit this score every fort but it’s just not worth it unless I need to get to a certain level like I did this event. Needed to get to 360


I would be really happy if they increased the prizes in the fortification event and in the atlas ones. By now most of the players exceed the maximum score


It’s now around 3000 people above the 11m mark.

And regarding Atlas training, 930k is no longer relevant with the high need of troops in Atlas.

So fully agree.


100% agree with this as well.

While we are talking about this when building armors would it be to hard to just trade out the rubies to diamond for the buyout?

This topic has been addressed several times, I too have opened a discussion for this. Rubies do not turn into diamonds for the acceleration of armor, because otherwise there would be no gain

:’( this is why i love conversations like these

The issue with that is that diamonds are an atlas-only currency, and players without atlas can still forge gear too.

An option to use either would be nice, but expect the diamond cost to be at least 10x the ruby cost, since the value is rather different.

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Looks like you missed a Zero there. This IS PG we are talking about.

War Dragons. Home of the 10K dragon rider skill reset.

Bad example, rider reset cost is the same in diamonds and rubies, making atlas riders ridiculously cheap to reset.

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or maybe a good example since it illustrates that PG doesn’t understand the value of a diamond or a ruby since they are the same cost.

If everyone in management was required to level an account without “free” rubies and RSS, the game would improve in less than a week.


@PGNines tagging you as you seem the most active PG employee at the time. Any chance you guys could look into this, and I don’t mean just a dismissive “oh we’re aware and working on it.”

Oh we’re aware and working on it. (I kid! Just a little working-from-home humor for ya!) OK that seems like a solvable problem and I know who discuss it with internally. I will have that discussion this afternoon. Note: this might be something that we decide not to change, but I’ll come back with a full answer this evening or tomorrow.


Lol being locked in certainly has an effect. Hope you’re staying safe. Are you playing the game with all these extra hours at home? :eyes:

I appreciate it, and I look forward to the response.

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2,323 players busted through the max prize level.

If memory doesn’t fool me, there wasn’t such a low limit in the beginning, not even in PVP. I mean, an increase in personal rewards is beneficial for us and for PG’s pockets. What about Atlas events? Now there is a constant need to train troops on troops. crafting event? put to forge 5 pieces at level 9 and you have reached the maximum (boring as thing). Primarchi event? Now most players have all the expert primarchs, it would be nice if a new level of primarch or more riders came out :full_moon_with_face:

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