Fortification Progress Results? ๐Ÿ‘€

I know the fort event literally JUST started, but I felt like making this thread because why not? :rofl: basically just show your progress in the fort event so far. If you donโ€™t want to, Iโ€™m gonna share mine anyway lol:

I started the event at level 79. Iโ€™m now level 86, going into 87 soon. I gained 7 and a half levels in only two hours! I got gold divines, as well as lots of new levels on Whalegnawer and Consurgens.

-EDIT: I ended the event at level 93, so I went from 79 to 93

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I havenโ€™t started, was at work when the event started. Got over a million wood stolen when I finally got on. Such is life :see_no_evil:

Donโ€™t feel bad, Iโ€™ve lost 2M

Tbh unless youโ€™re aiming for >11m points itโ€™s almost zero impact to miss the start now. And I love that.


Oof wow lol

I agree, this is the one benefit of the supercharged mills.

And Atlas banks.

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3 levels this fort :roll_eyes:

Super happy we get those 10 3hr timers from quests. They will help a bunch :roll_eyes:


+40 levels choo-choo :bullettrain_front:


Good deal :joy:

Wow nice!

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how? :open_mouth:

You little optimizer you! Great stats.


Welcome to the 300 club :smiley:

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Heโ€™s a number cruncher ( and a bit of a mad scientist)


Why black out your team lol ?

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Keep those forum lurkers that I havenโ€™t ever seen from finding me :eyes:. Or they have to message me and I know who is looking for me :smiling_imp::joy::joy:

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I am beyond jealous. Harb eggs are kicking me to the curb right now.

Iโ€™m getting to the point I have to level up other towers rather than my main 5 in order to actually keep up my level. After a year and a bit itโ€™s a weird habit to break

Was level 152 at the start of the event now 159.
I was planning to get to 154 till i noticed that my divines couldnโ€™t evolve to garnet till 158 so pushed a bit more :joy::joy::joy:
Rip my timers tho :sob:


Iโ€™m done with event lol passed 500 and hit max prize level thereโ€™s 0 incentive to continue