Fortification Question

Hi. The leader of my team has told us that upgrading our den/forge/research/main island buildings in general won’t grant any points during fortification. Is this true? I don’t think it is but I’d like to make sure :thinking:

It used to be that way, now you actually get points for those, as in it’s been awhile since that change was made actually

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No offense, your leader doesn’t know what he/she is talking about.


Your “leader” needs to get “learned.”

Smh… palm, meet face. Face, palm.



@GriffenOfDeath @Shadelos @Jonesy Lol thanks guys. I knew it didn’t sound quite right.

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If it takes lumber to upgrade, it gets you points :laughing:

We can be helpful, when the cosmos aligns just right…you got lucky :wink:


Holy mackerel… sounds like you need a new leader/team…

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Maybe he meant you don’t get xp not that you don’t get points (and yes I know you get some xp but it’s virtually nothing)


I got a lot of points from food too last fort :laughing:

He probably meant no point as in you’ll get jack shit points if you do that, which is generally true because it’s a large use of timers that’s ends up being inefficient for the event

Or maybe he’s just god awful idk lmao

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Uh your den takes seconds…


Den is very good for Fort.

I usually save storage for last day. When I’m out of timers and need something that’s. Not really an issue to "let’

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The rest of the stuff obviously, and the op could have easily misinterpeted “any points”. Or the leader is just uninformed so either way could work

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Probably means the other shit which timer:resources ratio isn’t great for event points

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Until you hit higher levels then the hut is actually cheaper

Do farms… I’m taking my hut up 2 and my farms up 5 levels each… easy to build, low timers… might do a cpl other towers, but that’s basically my whole fort event… should get me close to 1 mill.

If only I can :joy::joy::joy:. My next upgrade requires 4 plat eggs, which I don’t have, as I’m still lv 77

Yep most of my event will be farms/mills too. Lvl 30 --> 39

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Did mine to 50 last time. Gotta actually build stuff this event :pensive:

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