Fortification start time and day, UK

An anyone tell me this? I need help please!

Event will start in about 5 hrs…I usually start bouncing lumber around between everyone in the team starting an hour before…

Event start times are so random recently…lol

Oh so it’s today! Lol

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Usual time is 1:30 PM PST (safest way to assume the time). However, to be safe, just wait for the announcement and do the building upgrade.

Better to play safe than spend them and get no reward.

Events always start on a Wednesday (although I guess it’s early Thursday for UK).

It starts today but what in the world are we supposed to upgrade?? I’m not wasting embers on a broken tower. They screwed up farms so those aren’t worth leveling. I guess it’s the incubator and breed castle for me since we have no word from pg if they are going to fix this mess.

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