Fortifications Event sync issues

Been playing since first 2 weeks PG took game over from bitpig. In all these years this is the first detrimental bug I’m writing. I’m still unable to reliably progress.
I got set back from emerald to plat, and received a small amount of chests, compared to the 100s used.
I just once again got set back. I have no idea what’s going on.
I took my time progressing, and slowly opened chests per your suggestion.

You said you saw a lot of refreshes and were going to investigate, instead my ticket is closed.

Also the original “ 100s of bronze, gold and plat drops” were good sigil. I reopened the few chests you returned from my last ticket but with horrible chest drop Returns such as many legendary pearls.

I’ve reinstalled and did all the slow progression waiting “30”seconds between opening 100s of chests and claiming prizes in the line I’m on. That’s 1hours of going slow opening things and progressing.

I have sent another query to support but haven’t heard back.
Sick of it.
What’s up tech

The first time you mentioned you saw much sync activity.
I know I’ve lost all the good progress I’ve earned.

Based on the bugs in WDs never fixed, I have no faith that the tools you use to look at my syncing and RSS and logs are of any credibility.

You guys have bugs everywhere, also whatever bugs I’m seeing are dismissed as not a bug.

Next day same thing. Today same thing. Set back, of Line prizes, event prizes, and a few chests were added back. Please fix game bugs, and the sync bugs and your logging bugs. They exist and persist.

I ask for my game to be resyncd to Tuesday, and get the same original chest drops. strong text

Blah blah blah.
Stick a fork in me cause I’m done.

Jay in Support helped me out. They wouldn’t reset my game to before the event started, but I finished an entire dragon line. And twice had a bunch of plat and gold chests sent to me.

Support says “ there’s a bug with sync server, we’ve known of for long time.
I say “yes that’s why I’m contacting you.”
Support says “we have made you whole again”.

I say.” Whatever, thanks Jay. I know your doing what your told.

Please fix the sync bug, maybe force a delay when getting event prizes, and spending sigil and opening chests.

I guess I’m the only one that had this problem, since I got no replies.