Fortify your Xmas! (Happy Holidays, yall!)

Fort this week.

For the holiday week we have fortification (which I believe we did last year as well) 93-94 towers will be making their debut, so I hope you've been saving all those timers! Have a great week all! Enjoy the last Christmas themed poster of 2019 @WarDragonsGame

— Paladin Patrick (@pqhiggins) December 23, 2019

Hopefully PG loads up 5X lumber so folks are not going crazy for the holidays.
Level 94 for the folks who can max up. Send your spare timers to Hwrd and Happy Holidays.


The poster actually says 3x :grin:

Still people tend to drown in lumber by sunday with 3x as well, should not be an issue really.

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I’m just going to dump on @DapperNinja until he reports me to the officers. :slight_smile:


You know people would complain about that, right? :rofl: :rofl:

Here’s my fort. I could get to 360 but it wouldn’t get me to the next prize tier, so I’m stopping at 4M and will do research eggs next breed. I’m behind on research so would be a good opportunity to get caught up.


And looks like I need to update the fort planner…


Post when you do. I think I need to upgrade anyway.

I’m going to have an 11M event, but I’ll have zero timers left when it is done.


Best I’ve ever done was 8.5M but normally my fort is 4M.

Always full so you can always dump :joy:


I already have them available, above your planner :thinking:

Oh, you wanna be a wood base for the event? :grin:

Im looking forward to this event. Though I still cant reach 435 without another 400 days
Hopefully in the spirit of the holiday the glyph doesnt suck (lolz, I know hoping for that is futile)


not much have changed, but I got a little bit closer and remembered about den levels that gave me those points for 8.5M I was missing.
I’ll make it no matter what :smirk_cat: 65M wood needed :crazy_face:

Yes, the planner does have tower levels up to 95 now, but you can’t build them because the builder’s hut doesn’t go high enough yet. I will have to update the planner with the new builder hut levels.

I just need a few more timers…

5x lumber for fortification event but feeding event couldn’t do th same thing?

That event is retired …

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Yeah I know, its probably like you and many others couldn’t score high on that one

I didn’t try hard to score since most dragons were capped. There’s only so much a perched dragon can eat :see_no_evil:

There was no point of making a dragon expert lvl except for that event

My event tho unsure if it could be worth hitting the 500 sigils mark even if i’m getting Noctarn this season :thinking: