Forum Bug - Dark Theme: General Discussion posts lose their bg?

The dark theme is pretty nice, though it seems to lose its background when viewing threads without a category. Here’s an example (top = categoryless, bottom = in a category).

Edit: Guess “General Discussion” = category-less


I just noticed the same thing and was about to start a thread when the new forum suggested your thread instead (great feature!!!). This issue makes the threads unreadable with the light grey font color. :frowning: I’m a dark theme person due to headache/brightness issues so this is really disappointing. It makes the dark theme unusable for me for now.

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Is this getting looked at? I am also a “dark theme” person, but it doesn’t help when posts in #general are even harder to read with the dark theme enabled :confused:

The atlas category also has the same issue :cry:

@PGJared is this getting looked into?

It is now that someone has tagged me into this thread.


Do you have an update on this?

This may have fallen off my radar due to other issues. I will try to address it during the holiday lull.


I might be willing to send holiday cookies if it’s fixed. The light theme gives me headaches :frowning: Just sayin’. I mean, it might help the holiday mood :slight_smile:


Thank you😊 don’t neglect more important things for this though… like eating Christmas cookies etc😄

We can change themes?

Yeah! In your profile>preferences>interface>theme


And I’m changing back to default. The switch from dark to bright white hurts the eyes… not exactly neon UI, but still.

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