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Seeing as the topic is closed, I’d just like to say that I think it is a novel idea, and kind of nice from PG.

The short window caught me off-guard, and I was working on a post on a guide on how MVP in wars work since I haven’t seen one yet.

Its basically done but I missed the deadline, not like you would have sent the Mug to South Africa anyways :slight_smile:

Anyways, would just like to say thank you for the initiative, and please don’t abandon the concept just because the uptake was low. Maybe give a bit more time in the future.



Oh dear. I was trying to figure out how to make a Google doc :joy::joy::joy: Gotta give us old guys time. :blush:


I’d have sent a mug to South Africa, just FYI.


Will there be another contest like this?! I was in the same position as Gox. I got caught up this weekend and only got about a page of text for an introduction. If there will be more contests could you please anounce them earlier?


If we run another contest we will absolutely give it more time. This one was more of an off-the cuff thing that I wanted to get out and try so we could send some folks some loot.


I want some loot!!! Especially that mug!:sushing_face::sob:



In my day we played with panted figurines and DICE!

And Roddy McDowel was Frodo!


Some of us still do that. Also, McDowall was Sam. Orson Bean was Frodo.

(I have some of the songs from that saved on my computer.)


Too funny!!!

My first year in College I lived across the hall from the Dorm Manager. Not good for partying, but for D&D he was a great DM!

I mean the man owned an original paper bound copy of the bonifide rules of D&D. Old School rep +1.

Anyways… Topic? Ok, sorry.
Forum competitions, definitely interested! Has the topic of competitively crowd-sourcing contributions toward Lore been brought up?


Not yet! The lore in War Dragons is something that we feel has a lot of potential, but has not been fully explored yet. We’ve dabbled in it a little bit so far with the story behind Abraxxas and Kharnyx, but we envision it to me much more fleshed out than that sometime in the future.


Nice! We still play old school with dice. My sister is an awesome DM. It helps that she is a writer and has done a lot of work for Wizards of the Coast. I was so proud when her Eberron books were published. :blush: She has a talent for the written word.


What’s her name? I’m always interested in discovering new fantasy writers (new to me anyway!)


Don’t hold your breath Gox :roll_eyes: I’m still waiting for my WD T-shirt to arrive :joy::joy:


Haha my statue of kinnara rocked up about two weeks ago… There is hope :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thanks @Gox1201! I am glad to see that there is interest in doing more contests like this!

@PGJared is right that this was an off-the-cuff thing that he and I wanted to try. We are still looking at probably doing some more of these with longer open windows.

And yes, swag would’ve made it to other countries as well. :slight_smile:


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